You drive into the parking facility and your phone bleeps at you, no this ain’t your boo text messaging you, it’s a welcome message from a nearby store letting you know that those shoes you really wanted are on special today!

These message are delivered by Frogparking’s tiny little Bluetooth beacons that are discreetly installed around the facility to communicate with the mobile app.

What makes this product so special is that once users have downloaded the app, the beacons can ‘wake up’ the app without the user even opening the app on their device. What this means is that you can engage directly with users parking at your facility before they even get out of their car!

The challenge of course, is delivering a relevant message at the right time, to entice the customer into the store to make a purchase. The messages are personal, car park users can subscribe to their preference so that they are only receiving store specials and promotions for products they are actually interested in.

To increase visibility, the app user can even share these promotions on social media and tell the world about how amazing their experience was!

To track and manage promotions, car park providers, retailers and merchants simply log into the Frogparking online portal to upload images, attach their promotion to specific parking spaces or zones, and schedule the promotion for specific times of day.

And of course, knowledge is power! Imagine knowing who is parking in your facility, where they are from, what gender they are, how frequently they visit, where they are parking and which stores they are visiting… Full data and analytics are available from the cloud-based platform.