We started Frogparking to change the game for parking providers! Today, Frogparking is one of the fastest growing parking management companies, with a successful global distribution network and a strong network of happy customers.

Our lovable, easy to use software connects people with what’s happening in their parking facilities from anywhere at anytime. Get a true understanding of parking trends, seasonal patterns, and track changes once pricing updates or parking policy plans have been implemented.

Our dead-sexy reporting suite delivers graphs and statistics instantly. Select the report type, area and dates required and because we use amazing tools like ElasticSearch, you’ll get a report within seconds. Frogparking gathers data from multiple sources within your parking facility including parking sensors, access control equipment, mobile apps, parking payment terminals and license plate recognition systems. This data is analyzed and presented to support fact based decision making when setting parking pricing and policy.

A wide range of software modules can be activated, as your needs evolve. The flexibility of our software suite enables us to deliver the perfect package and features to suit you. We are continually expanding our awesome, state of the art parking management modules to drive our customers into the future!

Frogparking’s software is delivered as Software as a Service – it is hosted securely in the magical Amazon cloud. Frogparking releases new features monthly in response to new customer requests and new markets, which means you get the benefit of new additions and extensions of the system, as soon as they become available.

Frogparking is hosted on Amazon's AWS cloud-computing platform - ensuring high performance, security, availability and accessibility to customers around the world. The Frogparking platform has been developed using industry standard, high performance software, delivering a highly scalable and reliable solution.