Pricing your parking facility exactly right to get maximum capacity and yield can be a headache. Dynamic pricing is simply the economics of supply and demand in practice – adjusting the price of parking as demand changes.

With Frogparking’s clever little dynamic pricing tool, you can fix a table of parking prices based on the level of utilization in your facility throughout different times of the day and days of the week.

For example, when your facility is reaching full capacity, parking spaces are more scarce and therefore you could charge a premium for these last few spaces. But, when your facility is empty, you could lower your price to entice more people to park in your facility.

It’s simple to use, monitor and adjust. The Frogparking system uses sensor data to analyze and make calculations for you based on historic and real-time information.

Price changes are automatically adjusted live on the mobile app and variable message signage (and the parking payment terminal if required) based on the information that is coming from the sensors. As the car park fills up the price can increase by the minute, day, week or month – you are in control!

Everyone’s talking about it – YOU can do it! Frogparking has the tools ready to rock when you are.