Frogparking’s enforcement package is a cool, super stylish platform to issue and administer citations with ease.

Designed with a fresh approach, Frogparking’s live & online enforcement handheld delivers a clean and simple Android user interface for issuing citations. Enforcement staff can monitor and enforce areas using their Android smartphone – no need to purchase expensive custom chalk colors or enforcement handhelds!

The sleek, customizable menu structures ensure enforcement staff spend minimal time at each vehicle. Details for citations issued are immediately available for viewing by customer services staff, improving the customer experience and responsiveness.

Enforcement staff can attach notes as well as evidence such as photo, video and voice media to each citation, ensuring a robust process that is difficult to dispute.

Frogparking’s cloud-based enforcement processing software is a complete solution for managing tickets and violations throughout their life cycle. It seamlessly integrates with Frogparking’s enforcement handheld, uploading citation information as each citation is issued.

Workflow rules can be set up quickly and easily to allow the system to automatically send out reminders for payment, and send/receive documentation and correspondence relating to each citation. Motorists wanting to appeal or pay their citation can do so from the easy to navigate online portal, saving time for administration staff.

No matter whether you’re a lone ranger, or a rhinestone cowboy - Frogparking’s enforcement solution can be used as a stand-alone solution, or integrated with Frogparking sensors for automated, targeted enforcement.