Frogparking’s state-of-the-art indoor guidance system is turning heads! Frogparking has completely changed the parking guidance game – delivering a system that is technologically advanced, lower cost, painless to install and dead sexy!

Designed specifically to overcome limitations of indoor guidance systems that are costly to install, and limited to only a few features.

Frogparking’s clever little sensors detect the presence of a vehicle within each parking space, and communicate real-time parking information directly to the guidance light, which changes color to indicate live parking availability to motorists. One guidance light can service up to eight parking spaces (four either side of the aisle) to minimize visual clutter and improve visibility for car park users.

Linked directly to Frogparking’s cloud based parking management platform for parking guidance and reporting purposes, the system sends live data via a GPRS or Ethernet connection to the cloud.

Frogparking’s indoor guidance system is simple to install, with fully wireless communications; power is all that is required to operate the system. The result is a system that is much lower cost to install, compared with other indoor guidance systems. The hardware is leading edge, incorporating the latest technologies, including Bluetooth, NFC, RFID and wireless beacon innovation. Built using top quality components, the system will operate seamlessly into the future.

The guidance hardware is minimalistic and simple to install and maintain.

One small sensor is surface-mounted in the center of each parking space, to monitor occupancy.

Only 12mm high and 75mm wide, the sensor is discreet and low-impact visually. It is screwed to the surface of the car park using small masonry anchors. Once installed, the sensor will monitor the parking space and send real-time parking information directly to the guidance light.

The guidance light can be either installed on existing light fixtures, fixed to a power rail, or attached to conduit. This enables the customer to choose the end result and control installation costs.

Guidance lights are fully configurable remotely; the LEDs are full color and can be different colors depending on customer requirements. For example, for mobility spaces, the light can glow blue to indicate availability.