Easy sign up

Users can download the app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play and sign up with their details in-app. The system can report downloads, app usage, and carpark usage by demographics based on user information.

Cashless Payment

The user follows a simple payment wizard, step by step. Firstly, selecting the carpark the user is occupying, followed by a time or dollar value they want to pay for. Funds are debited from the customer’s stored payment information and cleared to the parking provider’s account. Full receipt and transaction history is available for the user.

For providers, cashless payments mean greater efficiency. Bring your parking asset into the 21st century of payment methods, eliminate cash collection costs, remove the hassle of finding a parking meter for customers, and increased flexibility as payments are cleared into their account right away.

Mobile Guidance

Mobile app users are able to download live occupancy data, latest pricing information, and hours of parking facility operation.

The data is sorted into car parking zones to allow users to make informed decisions about where to park before even leaving their homes.

App users can enter their chosen their destination and the app integrates seamlessly with Google Maps to provide turn-by-turn navigation to the best available parking close to that location.

In-app advertising platform

Our in-app advertising platform is a patented world first, that combines parking behavior, demographic information, to roll out targeted retail advertising and social media campaigns.

Using the app’s analytics and reporting data, available from the Frogparking website, nearby retailers can promote exclusive offers, promotions, or upcoming events, enhancing user experience and encouraging repeat use of the parking facility and the app.

The mobile advertising engine can serve as an additional revenue source for Frogparking users by being able to charge retailers for ad space on the app.

App, where’s my car?

Carparks can be confusing and intimidating. Frogparking’s app reduces this with a feature otherwise known as “Find My Car”. Users drop a pin on the location where they parked and can be navigated directly back to where their vehicle should they forget or get lost in a large car park.