Frogparking’s permit management system takes the hassle out of issuing, tracking and paying for permits.

Car park users can apply for their permit and pay for it online. The administrator can easily view permit applications to approve, decline or add to a waiting list, and responses are automatically sent out via email. Permit rules are set up for each user, allowing for both simple permit rules, and for customized and complex use cases.

Frogparking has a number of permit options available, depending on unique customer requirements.

For a solution that automates enforcement and provides no infrastructure requirements, Frogparking’s mobile app permit is a simple option for permit users. Once parked, they simply enter their space number into the app and their permit parking session is automatically validated for enforcement and reporting purposes. Users can also employ this option for auto billing of parking events, on-account.

Frogparking’s active parking permit is a clever little device containing a GPS, an accelerometer, and a radio chip – so the permit knows when the vehicle is moving and when it stops. Once the vehicle has stopped, the permit reports its current GPS location and its ID to the Frogparking server via the gateway. Frogparking’s permit management system will check the permit ID against the user, and automatically validate the permit session. So there is no requirement for the enforcement officer to attend each vehicle in a permit zone; the system will simply notify the officer on their handheld if there is an occupancy that has not been validated (no permit in place).

As an alternative option, Frogparking can supply a passive parking permit that is issued from the permit management platform and the officer simply scans the NFC chip in the permit to check validity.