Dashboard and Reporting Suite

Turn your parking asset from “just a car park” into a smart, agile, small data collecting machine with Frogparking’s sensors, mobile app, and cloud-based reporting suite. Understand your customers better, so you can target promotions and special offers, set pricing based on live utilisation, and make better business decisions based on live data that is accessible, informative, and actionable.

Using Frogparking’s real-time dashboard to interpret information from sensors, data is collaborated from all parts of the system and is presented in a way that’s easy to understand. Information can be sliced hourly, daily, weekly or monthly and data can be exported to .csv files for further analysis if required. Users can compare and contrast multiple locations to track revenue and car park usage.

The system is completely cloud-based, with live data accessible from anywhere at any time, without any software being installed on computers. All data is stored securely on multiple remote servers.

From the simple to use reports and analytics suite, you can analyze and view reports on car park utilization, turnover, revenue, infringements, citations issued, and duration of stay. The reports are so cool you’ll be printing them off and flashing them around the office in no time!

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Outdoor Guidance

Frogparking is the global leader in outdoor parking solutions. Our cutting-edge sensors deliver unparalleled levels of detection accuracy, as testified by industry experts, parking consultants, and clients world-wide. One small, wireless sensor is fitted per parking space with no additional cabling required.

Our solar, hybrid, and new Intellisense sensors ensure that we have the right solution for your parking facility.

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Indoor Guidance

Frogparking’s indoor guidance system directs customers to available parking, removing the guess work and frustration out of finding a park. With our minimalist and intuitive design, we deliver a complete, cost effective, and future proofed parking management solution for your facility.

One of our frog sensors, mounted in each parking space, tells the guidance light whether it’s vacant or occupied. The guidance light is mounted in the center of the traffic aisle and manages up to six parking spaces (three either side) - it glows red if the car parks are full, and green if there are car parks available in that area, in fact, the light can be configured to glow any color depending on your taste!

Variable message signs can be added at key decision points to improve traffic flow.

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Mobile App

Frogparking’s mobile app is available on Android and iPhone and is designed to enhance motorists experience with the parking facility. The app provides motorists with information to make informed decisions, reducing frustration, and time spent cruising the parking space.

The app’s features include guidance to vacant parking zones, cashless payment, user account options, a mobile retailer advertising engine, and a loyalty and promotions platform.

The app is fully customizable and can be tailored to include any and all of the functionality as designed.

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Variable Message Signage

Real-time occupancy information is wirelessly transmitted while the signage clearly displays how many spaces are available and where.

Car parking facilities are analyzed by our team at a site walk of the parking areas, and signs are placed at key decision points to allow for motorists to make informed decisions about where to park. This reduces driver frustration and time cruising the parking lot.

Signs are designed intuitively and with minimal wording to reduce visual clutter and driver distraction. Signs are appropriately size to be easily read without hindering visibility. Frogparking’s LED displays are high resolution, full color, and display clear messages that are remotely configurable from the cloud-based parking management platform.

We cater for all sign requirements, from large monument displays, to small end of aisle displays.

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Enforcement Tools

Frogparking’s cloud-based citation processing software is a complete solution for managing citations and violations throughout their life cycle. Issue citations from the simple to use Frogparking enforcement app. Track and process citations from the cloud-based citation processing platform.

For the legends on the street upholding law and order, the app tells the enforcement officers where each infringement is (on a map) and pre-populates all known information – so they can simply issue the citation and move on to the next.

Designed with a fresh approach, Frogparking’s live & online citation issuing handheld delivers a clean and simple user interface for issuing citations. Frogparking’s system will reduce administration time, and time staff spend walking around parking lots issuing tickets.

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Advertising, Vouchers and Loyalty

Make your car park an attraction by delivering targeted advertising and promotions to car park users through the mobile app.

This powerful tool allows retailers to engage with and entice consumers parked or walking within their proximity with exclusive offers, promotions, and notifications of upcoming events.

Guidance hardware is fitted with iBeacon technology, using Bluetooth and GPS technology to broadcast notifications to nearby mobile devices.

Frogparking’s iBeacon technology activates the mobile app when a user is close, sending push notifications to entice the user with an offer in-store. Users can subscribe to their preferences, whether it’s shoes, clothes, golf, or movies – the possibilities are limitless.

Social media platform integration allows you to get your brand out there to millions of potential customers – everyone will be talking about it.

Frogparking’s data mining technology will deliver your business a wide range of small data – find out who is using your parking facility, where they are parking, when they are parking, and where they are shopping.

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Permit Management and Permits

Issue, manage and track permits automatically with Frogparking’s friendly permit management platform.

Permit users can apply and pay for their permits automatically from the online portal, minimizing administrative processes and cost. Permit permissions can be changed at any time with ease.

For a solution that automates enforcement and has no infrastructure requirements, Frogparking’s mobile app permit is a simple option for permit users. Once parked, they simply enter their space number into the app and their permit parking session is automatically validated for enforcement and reporting purposes.

Frogparking’s active parking permit is a clever little device containing a GPS, an accelerometer, and a radio chip – so the permit knows when the vehicle is moving and when it stops. Once the vehicle has stopped, the permit reports its current location and ID to the Frogparking permit management platform to automatically validate the parking session.

Not chasing rogue alerts anymore, enforcement officers will have all permit information at their fingertips on their Android device – freeing them up to help the little old lady cross the street instead.

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Dynamic Pricing

Make your parking asset smarter, and get on the highway to increasing overall utilization and yield.

Pass on savings to consumers thanks to dynamic pricing. As prices are set with live data, during off peak times the price at the parking facility drops, consumers will save money compared to if the rate was flat or set with historical data, no matter demand for the space. Watch utilization rates increase during off peak times, as consumers are attracted by low price and high chance of securing a parking space.

Use Frogparking’s clever little online dynamic pricing tool to set the matrix – input your varying parking tariff depending on how empty or full your car park is.

Pricing changes in real-time on the mobile app and parking payment terminal, depending on the current level of occupancy. Dynamic pricing rates are also displayed on live variable message signage, so car park users can make a quick decision.

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