August 6, 2021

Frogparking a finalist in Parking Australia awards

Frogparking CEO, Shareena Sandbrook, and Brand Manager, Christian Hermansen, welcome the news that its recent white paper “Parking, Mobility, and Transportation in the Post-Pandemic World; a White Paper by Frogparking” has been selected as a finalist in the Outstanding Marketing and Communications category of the 2021 Australian Parking Industry Awards. The White Paper was released in early June and used...
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June 8, 2021

Frogparking launches parking white-paper

Frogparking has launched a white paper looking into the effects the COVID-19 Pandemic is having on transportation and mobility, using California as a case study, and how this will change the way parking is offered as a consumer product. In the wake of the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, people’s mobility behaviour has changed in response to the virus as...
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February 4, 2021

Contactless parking payments just got more accessible

In the wake of the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, there are many new terms and practices that have become the norm in an attempt to fight the virus. Phrases like “quarantine”, “contactless”, and “bubble” are now part of our everyday language. People and organisations around the world are looking for ways to increase physical distance with each other and...
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Outdoor concrete parking lot with closeup of Frogparking Sensor
November 30, 2020

A statement re: Outdoor parking sensors

Last week Frogparking read, with some concern, an article in the New Zealand Herald about on-street sensors exploding in the City of New Plymouth, New Zealand. Frogparking can confirm that the sensors mentioned in the story are not associated with Frogparking. Frogparking has had outdoor parking sensors, which utilise a different battery technology to that of the sensors mentioned in...
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November 12, 2020

Raise revenues, increase churn, and get more visitors with Active Pricing

Frogparking’s Active Pricing software module is the smartest way to set rates at your parking lot.  While establishing a rateboard, many parking managers will have asked themselves questions like: What is a fair price for parking? Who am I competing with? How do I increase my revenues? And what factors are considered when setting the price for parking? Wherever paid...
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Frogparking reporting suite displaying parking data and analytics on a desktop computer
November 3, 2020

3 reasons the cloud is the only place to store your parking data in 2020 and beyond

It’s 2020, “the cloud” is everywhere, and we’re not talking about the ones in the sky.  But what is it? Why are more and more companies hosting their and their user’s data on it? And why does Frogparking host the data our system collects from our customer’s parking facilities on it? Here are three reasons why you need Frogparking’s cloud-based...
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October 27, 2020

Kiwifruit and kiwi tech; Frogparking installs at Zespri Global Headquarters

It's one of Frogparking’s smallest hardware deployments, but one that’s having a large impact and solving problems using innovative technology at the headquarters of Zespri International Limited, the three billion dollar co-operative that’s the world’s largest exporter of kiwifruit. Zespri International Limited is an iconic New Zealand brand, selling kiwifruit in more than 50 countries. They work with around 2,800...
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September 8, 2020

Frogparking teams up with Eat Up New Zealand to feed hungry kiwi school kids!

1 in 5 Kiwi kids regularly goes hungry. That's why a group from Frogparking's New Zealand office gathered this morning to lend a hand to Eat Up New Zealand ( Using over 1,500 pieces of bread, 1,200 slices of cheese, a couple pots of Marmite, a lot of butter, and some people power - our team of Frogs put together...
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July 14, 2020

City of Laguna Beach Parking App reached 35,000 downloads

Over 35,000 people have downloaded the City of Laguna Beach Parking App since Frogparking rolled out the app last year. People who have downloaded the app are using it to check parking availability, make payments, check trolley schedules, and save the location of their vehicle to remember where they parked in the Orange County city. That's over 35,000 people now...
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June 25, 2020

Frogparking delivers a tailor-made solution for the University of Southern California (USC)

With necessity comes innovation, which is how the Frogparking team came up with a solution that was tailor-made to meet the needs of the University of Southern California (USC). USC is the oldest private university in California, founded in 1880. With over 45,000 students and over 20,000 staff and spread across two large urban campuses near Downtown Los Angeles, there...
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