3 reasons why it’s 69% faster to find a parking space with Frogparking parking guidance

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August 6, 2021
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August 11, 2022

New data collected from a large shopping centre which has Frogparking’s laser parking guidance technology in one of its multi-level parking lots, shows a remarkable change in driver trends and behaviors before and after the technology being installed.

To deploy Frogparking’s parking guidance technology, single-space occupancy sensors are installed in each parking space. Sensors
collect occupancy, utilization, duration, and turnover data from parking bays. This data can then be used to improve the customer’s experience by providing guidance to an available parking space with LED guidance lights and dynamic way-finding signage.

Frogparking’s data team recently analyzed 90-days of occupancy, utilization, and duration data, extracted from Frogparking’s cloud-based analytics platform, to produce some incredible insights into the change in parking trends and behaviors thanks to accurate parking guidance technology.

During the analyzed period:

  • It was 69% faster to find an available parking space than prior to the installation of Frogparking’s patented laser indoor guidance system,
  • There was an 8.9% increase in utilization across the entire parking lot, 

Here’s why:

  • Remove the guesswork: Overall carpark utilization increases because accurate parking guidance technology removes the guesswork for drivers trying to find a parking space. Large monument signs that show the occupancy level on each floor, visible from the road, meaning that drivers can see the occupancy of each floor before they enter, allowing them to make an informed decision about where to park. 
  • Light the way to those hard to find space: No parking space is difficult to find as drivers are encouraged to those hard to find spaces tucked away at the back of a parking lot with LED indicator lights.
  • Clear the aisles: Driving aisles are easier to transit as congestion is reduced because visitors are no longer aimlessly circulating around the parking lot searching for a parking space, they are guided directly to the nearest available parking space.

What does it mean?

Ultimately, it means a better experience for your customer! 

Reducing the time to find a parking space means a better, easier, and faster journey to your parking lot, meaning that your customers spend less time in their car circulating around the parking lot getting frustrated and more time being productive shoppers.
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