Frogparking Introduces World’s First Auto-Reset Parking Gate with Magnetic Mechanism

CEO and Co-Founder of Frogparking, Shareena Sandbrook, awarded CEO of the year for 2022! 
January 19, 2023

Frogparking’s word-first magnetic reset barrier gate is a hot topic in the parking industry at the moment as the latest in word-leading smart technology! See what Bill Smith had to say below:

Irvine, CA (March 23, 2023)—Frogparking, one of the world’s leading parking technology companies, announced today the introduction of the world’s first auto-reset parking gate with a magnetic mechanism. If a parker drives through the gate, the gate is pushed away rather than being disabled or destroyed. Powerful magnets then automatically reset the gate, assuring that it
is immediately fully functional.

“This is an important breakthrough in parking gate design,” said Shareena Sandbrook, CEO of Frogparking. “Others have developed break-away gates, but this is the first automatically resetting gate. Now, parking owners don’t need to get someone to come in and repair a broken gate, and they don’t experience revenue losses due to broken gates.”

“This gate solves a huge problem for owners and operators,” said Martyn Brewer, Vice President, USA for Frogparking. “I have one customer who loses eight gates a day, and this technology will save him thousands of dollars in repair and maintenance costs and lost revenue.”

Frogparking is one of the world’s leading parking technology companies and is responsible for the introduction of many parking technology innovations. It was the first technology company in the world to produce solar-powered parking sensors, laser indoor sensors, and wireless parking guidance technology. Frogparking recently become the first parking technology company to offer an end-to-end smart parking solution providing parking owners access to complete parking technology suites built, installed, and serviced by the same provider. The company also has a full, in-house hardware and software design team, and its unique platform also includes custom mobile apps, dynamic signage, and cloud-based data reporting software.

A demonstration of how the gate works can be found at

Frogparking is a future-focused technology company that’s revolutionizing parking. Frogparking’s in-house team of engineers and software developers have created some of the world’d most exciting user-centered and elegant solutions, including the first solar-powered parking sensors, laser indoor sensors, wireless parking guidance, customized mobile apps, cloud- based reporting and data software, and the industry’s first end-to-end parking solution. Founded in Palmerston North, New Zealand, Frogparking also has offices, operations and activities in Canada, United States of America, Australia, and Europe.

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