Kiwi parking technology taking off at an airport near you.

Frogparking reporting suite displaying parking data and analytics on a desktop computer
Smart, small data with the Frogparking reporting suite
October 14, 2018
New, laser fast parking at Wellington airport.
May 3, 2019
Frogparking's Shareena and Don Sandbrook

The airport carparking experience is a critical first impression for airport customers, so making it easy and stress-free has significant flow-on benefits.

That’s the focus for pioneering New Zealand-based parking technology firm Frogparking which promises to turn their clients’ carparks into effective tools for understanding and managing their customers.

The company is on a global growth spurt off the back of a multi-million investment resourcing its capacity to meet escalating demand for its parking solutions.

Co-founded by entrepreneurial father-daughter team Don and Shareena Sandbrook in 2010, Frogparking has always been a step ahead in innovative design and development – one of the first to deliver cloud-based management of a full suite of solutions. 

It has a wide range of customers worldwide from airports, hospitals, universities and local municipalities to private parking operators, major shopping malls and property developers. A core growth area is its fully wireless indoor and outdoor guidance solutions – sleek, energy-efficient and easy-install – and very much designed with airports in mind.

We talked to Frogparking’s Managing Director Shareena, about the company’s products, pipeline of innovations and how its solutions work so well for airports.

So, you’ve recently had a major capital injection from a group of investors, where is that taking you?

As a Kiwi business with a big global reach, we’re now able to build on our successes and take the business to the next level of global growth. We are already a well-known quantity in the United States market and our plan is to use this investment and lock in the reputation we’ve gained over the years.

We’re aggressively increasing our international sales and marketing presence, particularly in the United States where we are now talking to and selling directly to new and existing customers. With our strong brand and reputation in the parking industry, a direct approach means we can offer a better service to customers at much more competitive rates.

To date, Frogparking has added sales capacity in California and Texas, and we have plans to continue this expansion soon. Our two new sales executives are at the top of their game and are well known in the parking industry and with innovative technology companies – making them the perfect fit to join our team. Grant Johnson, a senior Sales Consultant in the parking industry for over 20 years joins us in California, and Shaun Donaghey, who has been instrumental in the success with a wide range of technology platforms expanding into the United States. Having these two on board is a huge validation of our brand and where we are headed.

Tell us about some of the key growth areas for you

There’s huge demand for our wireless indoor and outdoor parking guidance technologies which combine our world-first solar parking sensors with wireless systems and cloud-based management, and unique benefits of user engagement through Bluetooth smartphone interaction.

It’s a scalable, future-proofed and highly efficient solution that will integrate easily into any existing system and, most importantly, for the users, it’s a smooth, stress-free experience.

What are the benefits for airports?

For most people, parking your car is the first interaction you have when you go to a shopping mall, stadium, or an airport. In these cases, the parking facility is likely to be both large to accommodate a huge number of visitors and it’s also likely to be very busy – with available parking at a premium. 

Everyone knows how important a first impression is! So what Frogparking’s solution provides for airports is a customised solution, which combines wireless technologies with real-time data to deliver an accurate and efficient system that makes the parking experience and, in fact, the overall airport experience easier and stress free.

Currently, all New Zealand’s major airport hubs use our guidance solutions to address different needs. For example, Auckland International Airport, wanted a solution that would address issues with long-stay users taking spaces near the terminal designated for short-stay users. 

Auckland International Airport does not use enforcement in their carparking facilities, as it’s all about providing a great customer experience that encourages compliance. We enabled that through installing our wireless outdoor guidance solution with hybrid solar/battery occupancy sensors, cloud-based management and dynamic way-finding signage.

Uptake from customers has exceeded the airport’s expectations. The system has been very effective at keeping the long-stayers away from the area nearest the terminal. Prior to the install, you’d struggle to find a park near the terminal, now there’s always something available. Auckland International Airport has since expanded use of Frogparking’s indoor and outdoor solutions across their other assets because it works. 

Our strong point of difference is using data and real-time information to make the overall experience more user friendly and tailored to each individual that visits a facility. We can give them instant information, customised promotional offers they can share via social media, creating a community of loyal visitors that feel valued and understood.

This is a key attraction for major car park providers like airports as it allows them to differentiate themselves in what is a highly competitive space. They can take full control over parking behaviour and analyse a wealth of data on parking and demographic information.

Can you tell us about any innovation in the pipeline?

Frogparking lives and breathes innovation. We always have new things in the pipeline whether that’s enhancements to current solutions or harnessing the latest technologies to create new and better ways of doing things. Our basic tenet is to stay one step ahead of the curve.

So, yes, while I don’t want to give any secrets away, people should stay tuned as we have an exciting enhancement in the pipeline that’s going to really lift carparking accuracy and cost-effectiveness in many ways.

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