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Frogparking Introduces World’s First Auto-Reset Parking Gate with Magnetic Mechanism
March 23, 2023
IPMI 2023!!
June 20, 2023

Smart Mobility is changing the way we future proof our parking solutions, and with Frogparking, our latest-leading technology does more for less. Giving you maximum use out of every parking space through a sustainable lens, driving you into the future of parking!

Frogparking’s technology aids parking owners to better direct, manage and utilize their parking assets – lowering your carbon footprint at the same time.

You can be assured that our products are designed to save you money, and give you full visibility over, and return on your parking investment. Our quality materials ensure longevity, improving the overall sustainability of your parking asset. This means that you will spend less on repair costs and have lower maintenance costs over your solution’s lifespan.

Here are some examples of how our products help you manage your parking asset and save money – for true sustainable smart mobility.

Frogparking’s new FrogGate features a magnetic coupled arm made of light-weight carbon fibre. If any vehicles hit the gate, the barrier arm will decouple and reset itself automatically, and then continue in full operational status. This feature has been designed to reduce your maintenance costs by 100% as well as operational downtime and corresponding revenue loss. Our barrier gate on average completes over 10 million more cycles than other gate on the market, making it the smartest, futuristic barrier gate the industry has seen!

Our ticketless payment kiosks work seamlessly with our License plate readers, and have no moving parts, and no physical tickets. Customers pay with their number plate, utilizing wireless payment platforms. This means you no longer need to fork out money for ticket stock costs. No moving parts in our machines means your overall maintenance costs are reduced by over 31%. Our machines are proven to save you the equivalent of 3 full-time employees wages by removing the need for cash handling.

Our focus is on assisting you to effectively utilize your parking asset and help direct your customers to available parks smarter and faster. With our parking guidance systems, vehicle cruising is reduced by 28% – reducing carbon emissions created by vehicles and leading to a more environmentally conscious and sustainable parking asset. Traffic congestion is in the past.

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