Smart, small data with the Frogparking reporting suite

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August 3, 2018
Frogparking's Shareena and Don Sandbrook
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February 12, 2019
Frogparking reporting suite displaying parking data and analytics on a desktop computer

Turn your parking asset from “just a car park” to a smart, agile, small data collecting machine with Frogparking’s sensors, mobile app, and cloud-based reporting suite. Understand your customers better, so you can target promotions and offers, set pricing based on live utilisation, and make better business decisions based on live data that is accessible, informative, and actionable.

Using Frogparking’s real-time dashboard to interpret information from sensors, data is collaborated from all parts of the system and is presented in a way that’s easy to understand. Information can be sliced hourly, daily, weekly or monthly and data can be exported to .csv files for further analysis if required. Users can compare and contrast multiple locations to track revenue and car park usage.

The system is completely cloud-based, with live data accessible from anywhere at any time, without any software being installed on computers. All data is stored securely on multiple remote servers.

From the simple to use reports and analytics suite, you can analyze and view reports on car park utilization, turnover, revenue, infringements, citations issued, and duration of stay. The reports are so cool you’ll be printing them off and flashing them around the office in no time!

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