Top 10 smart city solution providers for 2023!

IPMI 2023!!
June 20, 2023
The Most Influential Women Leaders To Watch In 2023 – Frogparking’s CEO, Shareena Sanbrook!!
August 10, 2023

Frogparking was recently highlighted as one of the leading smart city parking solutions in the Government CIO Outlook smart city edition!!

“The next generation of parking technology” Frogparking’s technology helps to better direct, manage and utilize parking assets with a smart mobility focus. Delivering increased revenue and reduced operational costs, whilst improving utilization and time to park. 

Technology that is designed solely by Frogparking to do more than any other parking solution provider in the world! A true end-to-end difference that is changing the way we operate and manage parking assets through a futuristic lens. 

↗ 54% Increase in revenue with surge pricing
↘ 12% Reduction on administration costs
↗ 28% Increase in utilization with Frogparking’s guidance solution
↗ 43% Increase in multi-level carpark utalization
↘ 29% decrease in circulation, reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions.
↘ Over 50% decrease in maintenance and repair costs with our auto resetting barrier gate meaning higher productivity of materials and less material usage.

Check out the cover story to learn more about how Frogparking can generate the same results for your parking asset and keep you on the track to a smarter, future-driven way of parking. 

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