New, laser fast parking at Wellington airport.

Frogparking's Shareena and Don Sandbrook
Kiwi parking technology taking off at an airport near you.
February 12, 2019
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Finding a parking space at Wellington Airport is now easier and faster than ever before, thanks to kiwi made laser parking sensors and guidance technology.

The system, which includes eye-safe laser vehicle sensors, ultra-bright LED guidance lights, and large signs to direct customers through Wellington Airport’s new nine-level parking building to an available parking space as quickly as possible, was developed and patented by New Zealand-based global parking tech company, Frogparking.

“Drivers at Wellington Airport are the first in New Zealand to experience our latest and greatest technology which delivers a frictionless path to a parking space as quickly as possible so that they arrive at the terminal happy and ready to take off,” says Frogparking’s CEO Shareena Sandbrook.

A world-first use of the same laser technology used in Tesla’s autonomous vehicles, the system uses laser beams to detect parking space capacity, feeding information to a live signage system that shows drivers where parks are and guides them there using LED lights.

“The information is right there in front of the user from the moment they drive in, making it easy for them to choose a parking area where there are plenty of spaces. Once in an area, ultra-bright colored LED guidance lights to show where spaces are available on that floor.

“We are always innovating to make sure our technology is simple, accurate, and cost-effective, removing the need for clunky, old technology like infrared, cameras, ultrasonic systems, batteries, conduit, and on-site servers,” says Shareena.

Wellington Airport’s Transport Manager Pippi Kettle says the system is a great way to make people’s journeys through the airport a little easier:

“Real-time guidance is very popular with car park users because not only does it mean they get a park faster but it gives people a friendlier experience, with less stress, improving satisfaction overall.

“Frogparking’s laser guidance system is a stress-free and quick identification system for thousands of people who use our car park before flying out of Wellington Airport every day”

Shareena says since the system was patented this year, it has been installed in many different locations in Australia and the United States, the company’s biggest markets.

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