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December 8, 2019
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December 6, 2019

Mobile App

Product Details

Put parking in the hands of everyone and go contactless with Frogparking’s branded, customizable mobile app.

Go contactless with Frogparking's Mobile App. Now more than ever, people are aware of shared surfaces and the part they play in the spread of viruses. Get your customers to Go Contactless and make payments without ever touching a parking meter.

Replace fumbling with loose change and cash with Frogparking’s smart mobile parking wallet. Paying for parking has never been easier with credit or debit card payments from any smartphone.

Use Google Maps and real-time information from your parking lot, guide users from wherever they are in town right to an available parking space. Once there, send targeted push notifications & advertisements about promotions or events nearby. When it’s time to go home, never lose your car in a busy parking lot again with the “Find My Car feature”.

Cashless, contactless payments. Make paying for parking contactless and easier than ever before with payments by credit or debit card from an iPhone or Android smart phone. Click a few buttons and you're done!
Never lose your car in a large or crowded parking lot with “Find My Car” on Frogparking’s app.
From home to an available parking space. Use Google Maps and Frogparking sensors occupancy information to guide users directly to the parking area with the most free spaces.
Target advertisements and promotions. Create loyalty by sending targeted advertisements & push notifications to app users when they enter the carpark.
Get started easily. Easy download from the device’s app store & sign up within the app simple.