August 23, 2021
Outdoor Guidance Solution
December 8, 2019

Indoor Guidance Solution

Product Details

Frogparking keeps you ahead of the game. Get accurate data with our patented laser technology designed specifically for parking guidance.

Empower your parking facility with Frogparking’s world first, patented laser indoor guidance system.

Your visitors will come in feeling cool, calm & collected & ready to rock ‘n roll - our system makes it so easy to find a space, quickly. Gone are the days of clunky old technology like cameras, infrared and ultrasonic – Frogparking’s indoor guidance system is the latest & greatest in tech with plug & play installation, no conduit, servers or core drilling, accuracy that laughs at all other systems, and a beautiful design.

When the heat is on and your parking facility is super busy, users will easily glide into available spaces making sure that the traffic isn’t getting congested, and users are spending more time shopping, dining and relaxing and less time driving.

Trending now. Cameras, ultrasonic & infrared are a thing of the past
No batteries, No worries. Low maintenance compared to other indoor guidance products
Make real time decisions with truly accurate data
No core drilling. Minimize installation