Indoor Guidance Solution
December 9, 2019
Mobile App
December 7, 2019

Outdoor Guidance Solution

Product Details

Guide motorists from their home to an available parking space using state of the art sensors, variable message signage, & a mobile app.

Remove the guess work and frustrations normally involved in finding an available parking space at a busy parking lot by installing one of Frogparking’s small sensors in the center of each parking bay, with specially designed variable message signage installed at key decision points in the parking lot which display occupancy information for motorists to make informed choices where to park.

Outdoor occupancy sensors, specifically designed for busy outdoor parking assets, are installed around the parking facility and gather occupancy data. Data is transferred wirelessly to frogparking’s server using solar-powered GPRS gateways.

From this cloud-based server, information can be displayed to parking users on variable message signage or a mobile application to assist users to make an efficient and informed decision about where to park, significantly reducing cruising time, improving traffic flow, and reducing emissions from vehicles.

Built to stand the test of time.
Installed in minutes. Mounts flush with road surface.
Can be integrated with third party hardware.
Proven. Operating reliably for over 8 years on-street.
Accurate. Unparalleled levels of accuracy - multiple detection methods.