Palmerston North City Council

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Palmerston North is New Zealand’s eighth largest city, with a population of over 82,000, and a concentrated CBD featuring a vibrant shopping centre catering for over 120,000 vehicle trips every week.

Rolled out in 2009, Frogparking delivered a complete, integrated, smart-city solution to make parking easier for users and more efficient to manage for the city.

The solution involved a full, city-wide, on-street deployment of hardware and software developed by our in-house team of engineers and developers. Over 3,000 solar occupancy sensors, a mobile app to take payments, a smart enforcement app for wardens to issue citations/tickets, cloud-based software for reporting, analytics, and citation/ ticket management, as well as full integration with existing on-street payment machines.

Frogparking, as the world-leading parking technology company based in Palmerston North, saw the opportunity to work with the city council to create an intelligent and efficient 21st century urban parking system.


Since the commissioning of the system in 2010, the city council has experienced dramatic increases in enforcement revenue as well as compliance, while using the invaluable data from the cloud-based system to support better planning and management of the CBD.

For Palmerston North City Council, deploying a Frogparking smart-city parking platform over 12 years ago has had measurable benefits for the city's parking revenue and the way parking demand is managed.

A recent study of data collected by the City, showed a 103% compliance rate.

This number reflects the fact that users are both parking correctly and more than sufficiently paying for parking sessions around the city. Other cities studied, where enforcement was not integrated or automatically tasked, showed 20-30% lower rates of compliance.

Ultimately this has meant an increase in parking revenue, more efficient enforcement with automated tasking of officers, and more regularly available spaces for users because of an increase in the turnover of parking spaces.

What they said


Frogparking’s system has provided the council with excellent value for money and ultimately the best deal for local ratepayers.

I am proud to be entering the eighth year of working with Don and Shareena Sandbrook, & the team at Frogparking. They have been a great tech partner for the city, providing a range of quality, reliable products that, after eight years in the field, are delivering as reliably as they did on day one.

- Grant Smith, Mayor, Palmerston North City