UCLA | University of California, Los Angeles

The smartest parking on campus. Get your students and staff parked
faster and into the classroom sooner. Follow the Frog.

UCLA is a public research university in the Los Angeles suburb of Westwood. There are nearly 30,000 staff and over 44,000 students who work and study on campus, making parking a challenge.

The campus is also home to a fully operational hospital, creating its own unique parking challenges.

With parking at capacity, but no room to expand, or build new parking structures, UCLA's Transportation team had to be smarter; not bigger. Frogparking installed an indoor guidance solution at two parking structures which are the most difficult to find an available parking space on campus: parking structures #2 and #3.

Installing a parking guidance system in these garages achieved three critical goals for the university:

  • The time to find an available parking space was significantly improved by reducing time visitors spent circulating searching the structure for an available bay.
  • Revenue per bay and overall utilization was increased by showing visitors there were available bays in difficult to locate areas of the parking structure.
  • Congestion improved by reducing unnecessary circulating.