The City of

Walnut Creek

Northern California's smartest, data-driven city
with Frogparking technology. Follow the Frog.

The City of Walnut Creek is a municipality of 70,000 residents located in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The City is approximately 19.8 square miles in size and features attractive neighborhoods, premier shopping, cultural art venues and fine dining have established Walnut Creek as one of California’s most desirable cities in which to live, work, and visit.

When the City of Walnut Creek in San Francisco’s Bay Area completed their installation of Frogparking’s smart city platform in early 2020, the City knew they were getting a proven smart-city solution.

After a comprehensive study into the viability for the City, Traffic Engineer Smadar Boardman, knew the benefits of reliable space-by-space on-street sensors. Benefits like being able to reduce congestion with accurate parking guidance, live data on parking trends, more efficient enforcement, and building up a database of historical parking data to compare year on year trends.

The City ran a competitive RFP process, which Frogparking won. For phase 1 of the project, Frogparking’s sensors were installed in a small chunk of the City's downtown area to act as a proof of concept, test their viability, and prove their accuracy in the field. After passing this test with flying colours, Frogparking's sensors were then installed in the remainder of downtown parking spaces.

Data from Frogparking's system has helped the city respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.The outbreak of the virus lead to major changes in the way on-street kerbside space, traditionally used for parking, is currently being used in the City of Walnut Creek. With a shelter-in-place order across all of California, much of the Walnut Creek central business district saw a drastic decrease in visitors. Ultimately that meant that demand for parking was at all-time lows, while many restaurants remained open for pick up or delivery only. Data from Frogparking sensors informed the decision to stop charging for parking and will inform when the city will resume normal parking service.

Frogparking stood out from the rest, that’s why we chose them. Their product and their service is superb. They passed our accuracy trials and we couldn’t be happier with them. The process was fast. Their California-based team arrived and within a week or so, they were done. We didn’t have to shut down streets for works and, in most cases, we didn’t even notice them working or the equipment installed on the streets. They were well ahead of schedule and accommodating of many requests that we had during the installation phase. We’d happily refer them to any other city.

Smadar Boardman, Senior Traffic Engineer