Wellington International Airport

Finding a parking space at Wellington
Airport with laser precision is
now easier and faster than
ever before. Follow the Frog.

Wellington International Airport is an international airport located in the suburb of Rongotai in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. Wellington is the third busiest airport in New Zealand handling a total of 6.4 million passengers in the year ending January 2020.

Because of its location, space is at a premium. The airport comprises a small 110-hectare (270-acre) site on the Rongotai isthmus, a stretch of low-lying land between Wellington proper and the Miramar Peninsula. This means every parking space on site must be used to its absolute maximum.

Frogparking began by installing it's surface mounted sensors and signage in outdoor parking areas, to guide drivers to an available parking space as quickly as possible to improve congestion around the airport.

Following a successful installation at the airport, Frogparking was then selected to install its premium indoor parking guidance technology in their brand new, 8-level, multi-story parking structure.

Covered Carpark

Domestic & International short/medium term covered parking

Located in Wellington Airport's new, 8-level multi-story parking structure, the Covered Parking option is Wellington International Airport’s “executive parking” option. A short 1-2 minute walk to the domestic & international terminals, the parking structure is a high-value lot for the airport.

Offering a premium experience with parking guidance was a critical component to installing Frogparking.

Uncovered Parking

P120 Express Parking

Located a 5 minute walk from the International and Domestic Terminal, the Uncovered Parking is a short-term option for pick ups or drop offs. Prior to installing Frogparking, motorists had no idea where parking was available in this high turnover area. This lead to congestion, low turnovers as people overstayed, which ultimately led to lost revenue.