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FrogGo Guidance Lights

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Parking utilization
during peak times.*


Faster to find a park
since installation. 


Reduction in cruising
time since installation.

UCLA is a public research university in the Los Angeles suburb of Westwood. Nearly 30,000 staff and over 44,000 students work and study on campus, making parking a challenge.

The campus is also home to a fully operational hospital, creating unique parking challenges.

With parking at capacity but no room to expand or build new parking structures, UCLA’s Transportation team had to be smarter, not bigger.

Frogparking were thrilled to partner with UCLA to install a custom indoor guidance solution at two particularly difficult parking structures on campus. UCLA were struggling with congestion and transparency on where available parking spaces were within parking structures #2 and #3.

This parking management solution offered a significant improvement to time spent circulating looking for a park, revenue per day, overall utilisation and congestion-management. 

 “We use it (Frogparking’s indoor guidance solution) for our transient parking area. If the parking area has under-utilised parking stalls, e.g. hard to locate stall which are difficult to find while driving through the structure, Parking Guidance improves the revenue per stall, reduces time to find a park, and ensures every bay is being used to its full potential” – Eric Lew, Director of Finance & Systems, UCLA Events & Transportation.

 * Data is based on 2022 historical peak time data

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