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USC is the oldest private university in California, founded in 1880. With over 45,000 students and over 20,000 staff and spread across two large urban campuses near Downtown, Los Angeles, there are many challenges when it comes to transportation and the mobility of people.

Space to physically expand is at a premium so the USC Transportation team has to find smart solutions to ensure what parking they do have is utilised to its maximum.

USC has a large number of custom spaces which are reserved for VIPs, ADA spaces, transient pay-by-plate parking, etc. on the first floor of their structures that they didn’t want to be included in the overall space availability count. Having in-ground or overhead counters at the entrances wasn’t meeting their needs, because they captured all vehicles coming in, without regard to whether we wanted them included in the count or not.

The Frogparking difference? Our engineers listened. Our team visited the site to understand the pain points. We came up with a solution that suited the customer using our technology.

USC wanted an automated solution to display to drivers which levels of their parking structures had the most available parking to reduce the time to find an available parking space by reducing time visitors spent circulating searching the structure for an available bay.

“Primarily, Frogparking listened to us and helped customize an installation that addressed our concerns. They did this in two key ways: the first was to perform multiple site visits upfront in order to really understand what we were trying to do. We’ve been very happy with the product, installation process, and customer support teams from the very start. For us, we’re looking forward to expanding the solution from our initial two-structure pilot phase into additional parking structures in the near future”

David Donovan - Associate Director, Transportation