Why us?

What makes Frogparking your only choice when it comes to considering a new parking management solution? 

We get it – there’s lots of options, and sometimes it can seem overwhelming. Let Frogparking take the stress out of it as the only business in the market offering a full end-to-end parking management solution.

At Frogparking, we have less procurement processes, a single purchase and maintenance agreement, one data source and a full support team available to help you navigate any weird and wonderful questions you may have. We take pride in knowing that we aren’t here to ‘sell you product”. We are here to partner with you, to find the perfect solution for your current and future pain points.

We prioritize your revenue and give you every tool necessary to develop data-driven policies, making your parking asset future-centric. Our global team, with years of experience within the software, hardware, parking and engineering industries are here to help you find what you need & continues to support you, well after installation. Not to mention that we have established ourselves as a key player within the parking management solution space over the past 15 years.

We hold several pioneering achievements; the first to introduce outdoor solar sensors, incorporate LiDAR technology into indoor sensors, and to develop a self-resetting barrier arm. Not to mention the development of the most payment-versatile payment kiosk on the market. Frogparking invests heavily in R&D to ensure we are remaining ahead of the market, and you can get confidence that we are setting your parking facilities up well for the future.

We take a highly proactive approach to addressing the ongoing maintenance costs typically associated with conventional parking management solutions in the market. We meticulously analyze trends, financials, and parking assets to ensure we are always developing new technologies and identifying opportunities to introduce a reliable solution to resolve a pain point.

Take a leap into the future with us.

We hear you! The key issues facing the industry.

Congestion – this is a big one that we are hearing constantly from our clients. Too many cars, not enough room, horrendous peak time traffic flow, loss of revenue as no dynamic pricing opportunities. Never fear, Frogparking are here to help. We have a number of solutions that will ease the congestion struggle – give one of the team a call so we can work out what option would work best for your specific situation.

Lack of payment versatility – in this day and age, we get it. People are now, more than ever, conscious of hygiene considerations and want more options to pay. The FrogKiosk is the only payment kiosk on the market with access to just about any contactless payment method you can think of. The bonus of FrogKiosk is that it offers entry, exit and walk-up options . Oh, and did we mention it’s both ticketless and cashless? Big green tick for sustainability.

Enforcement issues – struggling to keep onto of parking violations? People overstaying their allotted time? Worrying about lost revenue before your compliance officers can find these offenders? Worrying about lack of productivity of your compliance officers? Frogparking has a number of solutions that may work to ease the majority, if not all, of these issues. Give one of the team an email so we can work out the best solution based of your facilities needs.

Aging parking assets – yes, the shine has come off your existing assets and you may be struggling with malfunction, operational downtime, huge maintenance fees, and mass loss of revenue. As the only end-to-end parking management solution on the market, FrogParking have got you sorted. Get in touch with the team who can assess your needs and start forming a plan with you now on ways to upgrade.

Lack of permitting & validation technology – we understand that every parking facility have their unique needs, with many hosting a range of drivers from different situations. With FrogPermit, we can offer a special feature that is solely designed to simply all aspects of applications, payments, issuing, enforcing and managing permits. Not to mention a completely user-friendly experience for your customers who can both purchase and validate their parking electronically at the click of a button from an approved retailer or from your company directly. 

Ability to find something that will integrate with other systems – we understand that technology doesn’t fail all at once, we understand there may be a need to phase in/out products. That’s why our products seamlessly integrate with other products on the market as well as our dashboard. Talk to one of the team to work out individual requirements and let us take away that transition-stress of new/old products.

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How can Frogparking
make and save you money?

At the forefront of Frogparking’s solution is a focus on making you money – we stand by our beliefs that we will help you increase in your revenue. We develop a customized parking solution around the operational needs of your parking asset and give you the tools to maximize your revenue capabilities whilst saving you money.

Additionally, our customer-friendly approach helps improve the overall parking experience for drivers, increasing repeat business and increasing that all-important bottom line for parking owners.

Frogparking’s shared revenue model eliminates the need for parking operators and provides parking owners with a simple and profitable solution for monetizing their parking spaces.

The best savings of all… a reduction in administrative time and stress-levels. Freeing you up, to focus on doing more of what you want to do, opposed to what have to do! 

Tailored packages are our ‘bread and butter’.

We know there’s a ton of products out there, all of them proclaiming to offer one thing after another.

At Frogparking, we don’t just create products, we create solutions. 

The FrogOne system stands out as our pioneering Access and Revenue Control system, distinguishing itself from other offerings in the market. Tailored to your specifications, complete with your logo and aligned with your brand colors, this fully customized solution showcases innovation at its finest. Comprising of three state-of-the-art hardware components— the patented FrogGate, FrogKiosk, and FrogLPR – FrogOne is poised to fulfil all your access and revenue control system requirements.

Our Indoor Parking Guidance system features the latest and greatest in AI technology, alongside our patented LiDAR technology, and is taking the world by storm. With proven case studies to showcase the revenue and operational enhancements post installation, you wont find a better solution on the market. This solution is comprised of FrogGuidance, with many unique variants e.g. dropper, chandelier, rail mounted, single space, axis mounted, custom light fittings and more.

Our Outdoor Parking Guidance system has time on its side, and proven reliability, as has been around and operating for 15 years. It boasts the world’s first patented solar outdoor sensor, with a cutting-edge solar gateway. The data from these sensors will improve
your understanding of your parking assets, occupancy rates, utilization rates and more. This solution is comprised of FrogSensors, and seams beautifully with a number of our software options to further improve efficiencies.

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