Our Story

Frogparking was founded in 2009 by father-daughter duo, Don and Shareena Sandbrook.

Don and Shareena watched a parking warden manually chalk tyres in the rain. Subsequently, they thought there must be a more efficient way to achieve the same result.

And Frogparking was born! Ultimately, an end-to-end parking management solution. Resulting in a tailor-made and 100% customizable smart parking solution. Frogparking aims to give customers the tools they need to make parking faster, better and easier for all.

Frogparking were the first in the world to produce solar-powered parking sensors. Likewise, LiDAR indoor sensors, an auto-resetting barrier arm and wireless parking guidance solutions. Essentially, Frogparking offers the widest range of automated parking systems on the market. 

Notably now, Frogparking is a global enterprise spanning multiple countries and employees in nearly every continent.



Our Mission.

Our mission is to provide the most intelligent parking platform on the market for those who are looking to revolutionize the way they do parking. From industry leading parking guidance technology, access and revenue control, mobile apps, and the data behind it, we create cutting edge robust hardware and user-centered parking software to deliver modern parking management solutions.

The History of Frogparking

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Frogparking is the parking technology partner to some of the world leaders in their respective fields.

As a result, we’re trusted by global world-wide brands. Think Nike or the Irvine Company. Think Vicinity Centers or Auckland International Airport. Not to mention, the City of Laguna Beach, UCLA, USC, & many, many more.

Best app of 2019

2019 Award for Outstanding Innovative Transportation Solution

2019 Public Parking
Program of the Year

2019 Best of Traffic, Mobility and Beautification Award

Frogparking’s tailor-made, end-to-end parking solutions give our customers the tools they need to make parking faster, better, and easier for everyone.

Frogparking has established itself as a global pioneer within the parking industry. We have teams, and a network of distributors ready with innovative parking solutions, no matter where you are based. Resulting in Frogparking servicing North America, Australasia, Europe, Asia & the Middle East.

With a full, in-house hardware and parking software design team, your parking management solutions are endless. The platform can also include custom mobile apps, dynamic signage, access and revenue control and guidance systems. Additionally, all of which is cloud-based with world-leading reporting and data analytics. Frogparking is the automated parking solution you didn’t know you even needed.