The Frogparking team

All the people who make Frogparking a global success!

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Malcolm | Parking Software


Chair of the Board

Malcolm Bailey is the Chair of Frogparking’s Board. With a long and distinguished career in business and governance of boards, Malcolm is the perfect person to help Frogparking’s management team turn our company strategy into a global success.

Malcolm holds a Bachelor of AgriCommerce (Agricultural Economics) from Massey University and is a former National President of Federated Farmers, Westpac Director, and was a Fonterra Director for 12 years. He has also been a Special Agriculture Trade Envoy for the New Zealand Government, a business owner, and company director.

Away from the boardroom, Malcolm enjoys tennis, being out on the water in a boat with friends on a sunny day, skiing, or reading. He is also a fan of carpentry and building stuff with his hands.

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Shareena | Parking Software


CEO and Co-Founder

Shareena is our CEO & Co-Founder. She has a Bachelor of Business Studies in Marketing from Massey University, A Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies, and an Executive MBA from Waikato University.

Shareena is a modern CEO with courage, smarts, and drive. Armed with a background in finance and sales, an MBA, and a black belt in taekwondo Shareena took Frogparking to the world in 2012.

Shareena has an extremely strong customer focus, shaped around building sustainable long-term relationships and effectively communicating in a way that shapes the competitive advantage of the company. As the first company to develop solar-powered parking sensors and wireless parking guidance, Frogparking’s end-to-end parking guidance systems are the future for businesses trying to revolutionise the way they handle parking and congestion.

As a mum, she knows the art of the juggle and the integration of family and business has been a natural route for Shareena. She grew up in business mentored by her inventor father whose serial entrepreneurship fostered her passion for business and relentless work ethic. She leads a team who treat each other like family, pushing each other to succeed with kindness and attention.

Bringing a fresh perspective to parking tech, Shareena offers a heart-led approach to building business and sees the strength in building strong partnerships to make Frogparking a global success. 

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Don | Parking Software


Technical Director & Co-Founder

Don Sandbrook is a highly successful New Zealand ‘serial’ entrepreneur, and Frogparking’s Technical Director & Co-Founder.

Seventeen years ago Don developed an electronically controlled seed metering system that revolutionized the commercial horticultural market internationally – the ‘Seed Spider’. Now, he estimates two-thirds of the salad mix grown in North America alone goes through one of his seed metering systems.

As the founder of Spidertracks, Don applied the same innovation and technical knowledge to the global aviation tracking market. What he developed was the world’s first portable Iridium tracking device designed primarily for aviation. A private helicopter pilot, Don saw the need for a satellite-based flight tracking system that overcame the gaps in systems using GSM mobile phone networks.

Today, Spidertracks are sold in over 30 countries, and Don has successfully negotiated strategic business relationships with such multinationals as Cessna, Artex and Iridium.

With both Spidertracks and Seed Spider firmly established in their markets, Don stepped away to explore new ventures, where his focus is to apply his passion, knowledge, and devotion to innovation, entrepreneurship and business excellence.

Watching a parking warden chalking tyres in the rain, Don saw an opportunity to develop a technological solution to bring parking into the 21st century, and formed Frogparking to develop and market the technology.

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Matt | Parking Software


Chief Financial Officer

Matt is Frogparking’s Chief Financial Officer and is focussed on planning and managing our finances, managing risks, working with investors, and supporting the management team with financial decisions to support future growth. He holds a Bachelor of Business Studies (double major in Accounting & Finance), a Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting, and is a Chartered Accountant (CAANZ).

Matt is in charge of everything finance. He manages financial planning, reporting, budgeting, and forecasting across the entire company. He has vast experience managing finances in public practice and in-house at some of New Zealand’s largest transport and infrastructure companies.

When he’s not crunching the numbers, he’s into music, movies, golf and fishing. He has also completed the Tough Guy/Tough Gal Challenge, so you know he means business! He’s a big car guy; he once fully restored a 1967 Ford Anglia which was his first car.

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Kahu | Parking Software


Chief Technical Officer

Kahu is our Chief Technical Officer. With a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) majoring in Mechatronics, Kahu is a highly skilled and intelligent, forward thinker. Kahu has been working with Don for a number of years, on all sorts of crazy, highly technological, world first concepts. Kahu has been involved in successfully building the worlds first portable satellite tracking system for aviation, and has built a number of other hardware devices for various applications. Kahu has a particular interest in wireless technology, robotics, microprocessors, and embedded system design.

Kahu is always keeping up to date with the latest and greatest in hardware systems and componentry, and he’s always thinking of ways these can be applied to what Frogparking is doing.

In his spare time, Kahu likes to build rockets (he doesn’t mind if they never come back), and he is a talented musician.

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Martyn | Parking Software


Executive Vice President

Martyn is Frogparking’s Executive Vice President – Operations, based in Los Angeles, California. He is the middle man between our customers in the United States and our team, ensuring the installation phase and handover to your new parking guidance system is smooth and seamless.

He has experience delivering productive business, financial, and operational strategies for a high growth, multi-national company, and experience overseeing and delivering multi-million-dollar transport projects for one of the world’s busiest airports. Martyn is in the unique position where he has first-hand experience of Frogparking’s product and service, having been the point-man at one of our major, key customers for a number of years.

When not hopping around LA going from job to job in the work Durango, he can be found across the road from his home cheering on Mike Trout and the Angels, at Disneyland, the beach, or enjoying the best of American culture.

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Alex | Parking Software


Operations Manager

Alex is our amazing Operations manager and is all about looking after our customers! He’s focussed on communicating with our customers, making sure everything is running as it should, and ensuring everyone is happy! As well as all internal operations of the Frog and its installs.

Originally from Palmerston North, Alex spent 10+ years in management roles in the hospitality industry all around the world, including Australia, Fiji, the UK, and New Zealand. He’s also been on an industry advisory board and helped a start-up company to perfect their user interface.

Alex is a keen adventurer and one for the outdoors. When not at work, he can be found hunting, fishing, or shooting out in New Zealand’s vast wilderness.

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Lydia | Parking Software


Sales & Finance Manager

Lydia is our Finance Manager. She has a Bachelor of Accounting from Massey University.

Lydia is a pro at keeping the office running smoothly and takes care of all of our financial reporting requirements – she knows where the dollar goes!

Lydia came to us very highly recommended, with a strong background in managing all facets of a busy office. She is a highly motivated, organized and energetic person.

After hours, Lydia enjoys walking her dog, ignoring her cat, hanging with her goats and helping her husband pull cars apart. We are always impressed by Lydia’s amazing nail art, we can’t wait until Don finally lets her paint his nails with little green frogs.

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Danielle | Parking Software


US Sales Support Coordinator

Dani is based in our US office in Southern CA. Her role is to support the sales team with Lead Generation – so scouting out all the new developments and parking complexes around the country that could benefit with our parking systems.

Outside of work – she loves to spend time outdoors with family and volunteering for the Service dog foundation. She loves football and is a die hard Miami Dolphin fan.

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Jennifer | Parking Software


Sales Project Manager

Jennifer, or Jen as she’s known to her friends, is Frogparking’s Sales Project Manager in our Southern California office.

Jen is responsible for supporting Frogparking’s SoCal office, wearing multiple hats to support our sales, operations, and maintenance team in and around the LA and Anaheim area. Hats include doing pricing, proposals, managing schedules, maintenance requests and more. Jen has immense experience, working in project, operations, and product management so she’s across a lot of departments.

Outside of work, Jen can be found at one of Orange County’s many beaches, spending time with family and friends. She loves scuba diving and exploring the underwater world. Jen also spends a lot of time working with service dogs, training them to be involved with Veterans and First Responders.

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Lou | Parking Software


Marketing Manager

Lou is our Marketing Manager, and alongside her team of creative marketers, is responsible for all things MarComms for the business. As our inhouse ‘colouring in’ expert, Lou has a strong background in Strategy, Marketing & Communications with a double major degree from Massey University to support it.

When she isn’t in the office, you can find Lou down at the netball courts or hanging out with her husband & son. She is active on several boards across the Manawatu, as well as non-profit committees. In Lou’s words, if you can’t find me, find the “one true love of my life” and I’ll be near. That is, of course, her dog, Albert.

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Jacob | Parking Software


Graphic Designer

Jacob is Frogparking’s In-house Graphic Designer. He holds a Bachelor in Creative Media (Bachelor of Applied Visual Imaging).

Jacob is responsible for maintaining the brand of Frogparking through visual media and working across multiple platforms and mediums to output high-quality marketing materials. Jacob supports the Sales, Marketing and Communications team by producing design assets across multiple platforms (web, print, social media, digital, and merchandise).

Outside of work, Jacob enjoys gaming, collecting vinyl records, and was actually in a barbershop quartet for a number of years. 

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Tim | Parking Software


Data Specialist and Parking Subject Matter Expert

Tim is one of Frogparking’s Project Managers. With a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) and a Doctor of Philosophy from Massey University, as well as over 15 years industry experience, Tim has tonnes of knowledge in the design, manufacturing and assembly of both hardware and software products.

Tim is an absolute guru when it comes to anything and everything technical at Frogparking. Tim is vital to the Frogparking team as he spends a lot of his time trouble shooting, coming up with solutions, training new customers, and testing and shipping thousands of sensors, gateways and permits all around the globe.

When not busy working Tim spends time with his amazing wife and daughters and plays tenor saxophone in the Manawatu Jazz Club Big Band (we wonder if there was this one time at band camp?).

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Jono | Parking Software


Senior Design Engineer

With a Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design, Jono has a brilliant artistic flair and a passion for all things design. A spontaneous and creative thinker, Jono specializes in plastics engineering, website design, photography, graphic design and building epic tree houses.

Jono is a great fit for the fast-paced environment at Frogparking, he has the ability to take any challenge thrown at him and create a masterpiece.

Jono brings laughter in the door with him every morning (we haven’t yet figured out what he is on!), he’s an epic snowboarder and likes to regularly prank the boss. Check out the amazing mancave Jono built at

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Lucia | Parking Software


Head of Support

Lucia is a Software Engineer for Frogparking, she has Bachelor of Engineering at Massey University (Hons).

Lucia is involved with high-level software design and programming, web and user interface design. Lucia’s skills also extend to microcontroller programming, PCB design, and FPGA programming – which makes her a great asset to Frogparking.

Lucia originates from Slovakia (so we love to listen to her beautiful accent!), she has a friendly and loyal personality, and is a bubbly member of our team.

In her spare time, Lucia likes running, painting and she wows us with her amazing noodle creations!

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Andrew | Parking Software


Software Development Team Lead

Andrew is our Software Development Team Lead and keeps everything running smoothly out the back!
He is a wiz with everything software related and he’s a great team leader. In his spare time Andew is a videographer for events and short films.
Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Alec | Parking Software


Junior Assembly Technician

Bio coming soon!

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Ming | Parking Software


Process Engineer

Ming is one of our Engineers who helps to develop new and maintain existing technologies. specifically testing and commissioning of products. 

He works across the engineering teams, wherever he is needed – sometimes installing our hardware. 

When he’s not at work, Ming likes to dabble in movies, sport, games and food. He rates himself as a bit of an amateur chef, basketballer, handyman, pianist and artist – but has to keep his day job as probably wouldn’t be paid to do any of them. 

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | James | Parking Software


Full Stack Developer

James is a member of Frogparking’s in-house software development team. He holds a Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology, focussing on Software and Web Development.

James is responsible for designing, implementing, and testing new and existing features of Frogparking’s software systems so that our software stays at the cutting edge for our customers.

Originally from Palmerston North, James is interested in building websites, reading, writing, drawing, designing, and binge-watching TV shows. Most importantly, he is a lover of good coffee.

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Judah | Parking Software


Full Stack Developer

Judah is a member of Frogparking’s in-house software development team. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from Massey University.

Judah is responsible for designing, implementing, and testing new and existing features of Frogparking’s software systems so that our software stays at the cutting edge for our customers.

Judah can be found shredding the snow during winter and drinking enormous amounts of caffeine (as that’s what programmers live on).

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Mark | Parking Software


Maintenance Technician

Mark is Frogparking’s Maintenance Technician, Los Angeles – USA based in our Southern California office.

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Chris | Parking Software


Senior Installation Maintenance Technician

Chris is Frogparking’s Senior Installation and Maintenance Technician based in our Southern California office.

Chris is responsible for all new installation and commissioning at new sites, ensuring that all of our equipment in the field is working, and our customers maintenance is up to date. Chris is currently working his way towards being a qualified C-Class Californian Electrician, meaning he’ll be qualified for all the big jobs.

Away from the office Chris enjoys spending time with his partner and children. Chris is a huge baseball fan and follows the Los Angeles Dodgers religiously.

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Jay | Parking Software



Jay (the Silverback) is Frogparking’s Workshop Manager, Service Technician, and installation legend. Jay is a qualified fitter and welder and came to us with loads of engineering experience, after 13 years fabricating 100,000L fuel tanks.

A jack-of- all-trades and master of many, Jay is responsible for preparing parts for shipment to happy customers, fabricating and assembling components, being the boss of the workshop, and being a helpful hand on site for installs.

In his spare time, Jay is either playing PC Games, hanging out with his Red nose Pitbull, or working on hotrods or motorbikes. His ultimate holiday is cruising along Route 66 on a sunny day in the US in a rsweet hotrod ?sounds good to us!

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Gibu | Parking Software


Production Coordinator

Gibu is one of Frogparking’s Production Technicians. He is an assembly whiz, being part of the team who accurately assembles various parts of the Frogparking system before it heads out the door.

He has a Graduate Diploma in Operations & Production Management, having already been successful in achieving a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. He worked in operations in the oil and gas industry in Saudi Arabia and lived there for 20 yrs.

Gibu is originally from Kerala on the South Western coast of India. He enjoys travelling, taking on challenges, and takes a great interest in social services activities.

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Aaron | Parking Software


Firmware Engineer

Bio coming soon!

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Ryan | Parking Software


Software Developer

Ryan is a member of Frogparking’s in-house Software development team. Ryan holds a Degree of Information Sciences, majoring in Computer Science.

Ryan is responsible for writing and testing the software that powers Frogparking’s systems, mobile apps, and analytics platform. Ryan, and the rest of our software team, work hard to keep our software offering at the cutting edge of adding value for our customers.

Outside of work, Ryan can be found playing board and card games, brass music, or working on his own personal programming project. Ryan is also learning Japanese in his spare time – Arigato Gozaimasu!

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Ben | Parking Software


Software Developer

Ben is one of our software designers. Helping to produce our software and apps and customizing them for our clients.  

When hes not coding away at his desk, he’s learning languages, loves a bit of mathematics to challenge the mind, cooking up a storm and playing Dungeons and Dragons.  

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Melissa | Parking Software


Maintenance & Support Coordinator

Melissa is Frogparking’s Maintenance and Support Coordinator. She’s responsible for remotely monitoring all of our sites and making sure that stuff is working right and when it’s not, getting it sorted. She engages with customers around the globe; doing post-maintenance reports, commissioning sites after an installation, and making sure all of our customers are happy.

Originally from the Manawatu, Melissa has jet-setted all around the world as an International Flight Attendant and having lived overseas for over 11 years. She enjoys the outdoors; you can find Melissa out in the garden, hiking, kayaking or even snowboarding.

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Lara | Parking Software


Executive Assistant

Lara is the executive assistant to our CEO. She helps run her day to day life – meetings, travel arrangements and everything in between. 

And when she’s not doing that, she’s looking after everyone in the office, fueling us with sugar and making sure we clean up after ourselves.  

In her spare time, she enjoys making Kawakawa products, spending time with her furchild Oakley and going on weekend adventures with her partner to find excellent cafes and antique shops. 

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Jackie | Parking Software


Marketing Coordinator

Jackie is our Marketing Coordinator. With a Bachelor in Marketing (and a PE Degree), Jackie has years of experience in a range of industries including Technology and Agriculture.  

At Frogparking, as a General Marketing specialist, she is your ‘go to’ person for everything Marketing – Digital, Website, SM, Events and Sales collateral (to name a few) and is happy to help wherever she’s needed. She knows abit about everything and if she doesn’t, she’s a quick learner. 

Born and bred in the mighty Manawatu, Jackie has spent 18+ years away in Dunedin, Auckland, the UK and Canada, returning in 2020 to raise her young family. Outside of work, you’ll find her enjoying the outdoors, spending time with family and friends and chasing after her kids and dog. She loves sports, traveling, baking and music.


Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Emma | Parking Software


Accounts Payable Adminstrator/Receptionist

Em is our Accounts Payable Administrator/ Receptionist. Based in ‘Balmy Palmy’ you’ll find her organizing finances and doing general admin. Previously she was a Sales Consultant at an insurance company and is excited to become an expert in all things parking and to start helping our sales team.  

If she’s not working, she’s ‘pumping iron’ in the gym, blitzing around the hockey field and socializing with friends and family. She loves traveling and is a thrill seeker. Loves anything adventurous like bungy jumping/sky diving.  

Job Openings

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Position Available

US Sales Executive

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Placeholder2 | Parking Software

Position Available

AU Sales Executive

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Placeholder2 | Parking Software

Position Available

US Junior Sales Manager

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Position Available

Technical Support Officer

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | Placeholder2 | Parking Software

Position Available

Assembly Technician

Working at Frogparking.

At Frogparking, we only hire people who have a thirst for knowledge, are self-starters, like hard work and are constantly challenging themselves to be better than yesterday.

We are open to receiving CV’s from people who feel that they could add value to our team, to smart parking systems to to our parking software team. Feel free to send over your CV and Cover Letter to

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO) which ensures that every one of our people are treated fairly in employment decisions including hiring, promotion, and compensation. We prohibit discrimination based on characteristics like race, gender, age, religion, and disability, ensuring that all of our people have an equal chance for both employment and promotion.