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Looking for an unrivaled shopping mall parking management solution? Look no further than this future-focused smart parking system. 

To say Macarthur Square is a large shopping center located in Campbelltown, New South Wales, Australia is an understatement. This shopping mall combines indoor and outdoor parking spaces and was opened in 1979, through the collaboration of the Lend Lease Corporation and the GPT Group.

In terms of a shopping mall parking management solution, Macarthur Square is a perfect example of needing a smart parking system that is future-focused and innovative. Additionally, with multiple parking structures, being used for a variety of reasons, we knew we could integrate an innovative parking management solution. 

What were the parking challenges?

  • There was a need for a parking system to direct drivers to available parking spaces close to their destination. As expected, this was a complex task due to a mix of on-grade and multi-level structures and a variety of use cases, including customer, staff, and commuter parking.
  • We needed to highlight specific parking spaces, such as mobility spaces, loading zones, and parental spaces, and effectively communicate their availability to drivers.
  • Data was paramount to their operations so the team could monitor the number of visitors and their parking durations within the facility.

What was Frogparking’s Solution?

  • FrogGuidance – Indoor Guidance: we implemented an indoor parking guidance system in the site’s three main parking garages. This system included parking sensors for outdoor lots, facilitating real-time tracking of parking space occupancy and guiding drivers to available spaces.
  • FrogSensors – Outdoor Guidance: we implemented a comprehensive outdoor parking guidance system. Like the FrogGuidance system, it facilitates real-time occupancy.
  • FrogSigns: Dynamic wayfinding signage was strategically placed at key decision points throughout the parking area, reporting on relevant data, including end-of-aisle signage, to guide drivers effectively and provide real-time information on parking availability.
  • Custom Parking Denotation: Our indoor guidance solution included the capability to display vacancy information in different colors to denote special parking spaces. For example, blue for mobility spaces, pink for parental spaces, and yellow for loading zones, making it easier for drivers to identify and access these specialized parking areas.
  • FrogHub: Frogparking provided an analytic and reporting dashboard with scheduled reports generated for the user. These reports included custom sectioning of the carpark, separating out the different use cases. For example, staff parking was distinguished from customer parking, and the commuter area was separated from the customer area. This level of customization allowed for more precise monitoring and management of the parking facility.

By implementing these solutions, Frogparking effectively addressed common shopping mall parking management solution challenges, providing a comprehensive system for guiding drivers to available spaces, highlighting special parking areas, and offering robust data reporting capabilities to enhance the overall parking experience and facility management.

* Data is based on 2023 historical peak time data

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