Parking Case Studies

We have so many great installs, it’s hard to decide which fantastic parking case studies we should showcase.  Therefore, we went about asking our team for their favorites. Check out what the Frogparking team voted as their favorite smart parking system installs or parking case studies. 


Wellington Airport

Auckland International Airport

Corporate Campuses

Edwards Lifesciences

University of
Southern California

Nike Headquarters


Irvine Spectrum Center

Fashion Island
Shopping Center

Shopping Center

Sunshine Plaza

Macarthur Square
Shopping Center

Invercargill Central
Shopping Center

Carlingford Court

Birkenhead Point
Shopping Center


City of Laguna Beach

Palmerston North City Council

Medical Centers

City of Hope
Medical Center

Hoag Health Center

Event Parking System | Frogparking | Smart Parking Management

Event Centers

Event Parking System | Frogparking | Smart Parking System

Sky Stadium

Can’t find the particular parking case studies you were looking for?

No worries, reach out to us and are more than happy to discuss specific installs and requirements. Likewise, if you have any specific customization requests. Additionally, it is highly likely that we may have already completed the particular customization your require, but not listed on this parking case studies page. 

Looking for customized parking software solutions?

Frogparking do not supply ‘cookie-cutter’ parking technology. Therefore, all of our car parking systems are designed specifically with you in mind. Please reach out to the team so we can discuss what option is right for you. Although, we offer a number of parking software solutions on our website, we have many more in development stages. Basically, if its not listed here, there is a high chance it is being developed by our inhouse team. At the present time, we currently offer parking data & analytics dashboards, mobile parking applications, parking compliance & enforcement software, parking permit software, valet management systems and parking validation software. Further to this, we offer our FrogTransport software, which is essentially a transport hub for all transport services to improve accessibility to your site. Lastly, we offer an online parking reservation web portal feature as well.