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Parking Access & Revenue Control 

Highly durable gate arm

Our carbon barrier arm is not just lightweight, it’s a powerhouse of durability.

Easy to see,
(day or night)

Our barrier arm features LED lights that  illuminate as it opens and closes, so drivers know where the arm is. 

Auto-reset feature

The absolute selling point of the FrogGate is its patented technology ensuring auto reset. If hit or pushed, the gate arm will automatically reset itself without any human intervention.

Swift entry and exit

Gate arm opens and closes rapidly, optimizing traffic congestion to help everyone get to their destination faster.  The speed is 100% customizable so make it as fast or slow as you like. 

Pedestrian safe

Laser safety is like having a smart gate that knows when something’s too close. It makes sure that gate stays put, so nothing gets too close to the laser.


When you’ve got top-notch engineers like Frogparking does, you’ll have fewer things breaking down. The FrogGate was built to last, so you’re not wasting time and money on constant repairs. 

Your branding

We can even customize it with your branding, so it stays in line with your unique style and look.

Retrofit or new-build ready

We offer a quick, straightforward, install with no need for major construction work.

Introducing the FrogGate. A revolutionary innovation within Frogparking’s Parking Access & Revenue Control System (PARCS).

Frogparking is thrilled to bring a world-class, zero maintenance parking gate barrier, that will reduce your repair costs by 100% and take your Parking Access & Revenue Control System to the next level.

The FrogGate is proud to boast, a world-first automatically resetting barrier arm to ensure minimal operational downtime to maximize revenue collection within your PARCS.  With its automatic magnetic reset feature, our light-weight carbon fiber design swiftly recovers from impact by self-resetting.

The FrogGate is incredibly safe. With inbuilt safety lasers, the barrier arm will stop moving until the person or vehicle is clear of the impact zone.  Say goodbye to liability headaches within your Parking Access & Revenue Control System and hello to a top-notch reliable safety sensor.

The other unique feature of the FrogGate is that its has variable speed technology, meaning you can customize it to be the fastest barrier gate on the market.

On average, our customers, have reported a 21% increase in entry & exit time since installing a Frogparking PARCS.*

The FrogGate is your only option when considering new barrier gates for your Parking Access & Revenue Control System – it will reduce congestion by speeding up entry/exit, its safe and the most important thing… it will boost your revenue and reduce maintenance expenses.

We hope you love it as much as we do.

*averages are based off 2022 overall client data.