Are you a parking distributor?

We are on the hunt for parking distributors in new regions!


Frogparking, a global leader in smart parking technology, is now actively seeking partnerships with dynamic and forward-thinking businesses to establish parking distributors in new regions.  In a world where parking can feel like a puzzle, we are here to make it way more fun and way less stressful. And guess what? We’re on the lookout for awesome partners to bring our amazing innovative solutions to even more places.

What’s the perks of partnering as a parking distributor with Frogparking?


Other than our dazzling personalities? Frogparking will guarantee you:

  • An excellent dealer price which allows you to sell at RRP
  • The opportunity to add more ‘tools to your toolkit’ 
  • Co-branded marketing assets
  • We will offer you the ability to sell world-first technology (backed up with patents) – both software & hardware
  • An opportunity to partner with a formidable global organization that is breaking the glass ceiling in terms of what technology is possible within the industry
  • A chance to mark your mark on a highly receptive industry
  • Huge growth potential – in many territories
  • Access to inhouse designers, product engineers, software developers and customized marketing

If being a parking distributor of world-class innovative products sounds like a bit of you, we’d love to hear from you. Please email for more information.

Parking Distributor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Will you sell into the same regions as us?

At the moment, we have not signed any exclusive distributorship agreements. This is simply because of the ‘size of the pie’. The Total Addressable Market (TAM) is enormous so we highly doubt there will be any crossover. However, we maintain close relationships with our distributorships, including transparency around quotes, proposals & tenders so this hasn’t posed an issue with any of our current distributor arrangements. 

Are all your smart parking management solutions part of this agreement?

Yes. We believe in our parking distributor partnerships – and we want to set you up for success, so we don’t have any products that are ‘off-limits’.

What are the key elements of being a Frogparking parking distributor?

We will offer an excellent dealer price, an opportunity to sell world-first excellent solutions, and a chance to expand your product offering for within your networks. You also will make some highly valuable networks within the industry. 

Will you help us with Marketing?

Absolutely – we have a range of marketing assets & collateral to set you up for success with the Frogparking products. We will even co-brand them. As our Marketing team are inhouse, we can easily generate new collateral as required as well. Check out some of the examples down lower on this page. We are also happy to chat through social media options – we are currently on YouTube, Facebook & LinkedIn

Marketing Assets 

Please see some of our marketing materials below as an example of some of our sales assets. All of these can be co-branded with your logo/colors + we have the ability to help co-brand your existing sales assets also. We have found historically, that our parking distributors work very closely with our marketing team to make sure everyone has what they need to sell. 

Our Solutions 

Frogparking hold the unique position in the market as an end-to-end supplier. This means that we can supply an entire facilities parking needs, without the need for our customers to use multiple vendors. It is a key selling point for Frogparking, and obviously, for our parking distributors as well. They can have one point of contact for all of their parking needs – i.e. you. 


These are the physical products that we sell. We cover all Parking Access & Revenue Control Systems, indoor & outdoor guidance, as well as vehicle counters. As with all Frogparking products, all of the below are 100% customizable, available with customers branding & both retro-fit & new build ready.


These products include our mobile applications, data & analytics dashboards, software services and mobile application ‘add-ons’. Again, fully customizable & available white-labelled. The beauty of us being an inhouse end-to-end company, means that if you have a customer who wants something not on our ‘product list’ – we can design it for them

Want to learn more about our solutions?

Parking Access & Revenue Control 

Parking Access and Revenue Control systems cover parking barrier arms. As well as parking payment terminals and license plate readers. These products can be sold as individual items, or together as a formidable PARCS. For example, FrogKiosk & FrogLPR for a gateless LPR system. Alternatively, all three for a full access control system.


Key selling points here are that this is the world’s first (and currently, only), automatically resetting barrier arm. This means that upon impact, the barrier arm will reset itself, with no manual intervention from an operator. Its made from super light-weight carbon fiber and has unmatched safety. Furthermore, the safety ring is fitted with LiDAR technology which makes it an extreme low-liability option. 


Key selling points here are that it boasts the most payment versatile option on the market. Its both ticketless and cashless, which significantly reduces both maintenance & operational expenses. Another awesome feature is that it updates in real-time, so parking operators/managers can change on FrogHub for instant updates on the parking payment terminal.  


Key selling points here is that it is future-focused and anticipates future changes to data & security laws. This means it can process data at the unit, and only send necessary meta data to the cloud. It is AI powered, so has self learning technology. Additionally, it operates under any lighting condition.  Not to mention, its incredibly fast & can multiple identify vehicle details within a blink of the eye.

Parking Guidance Systems (PGS)

An excellent ‘tool in the parking distributor toolkit’ as it covers both indoor and outdoor solutions. Frogparking were the first in the world to supply solar-powered outdoor sensors, and we have recently been named in the top three providers globally. Our products are reliable, tested & trusted globally. 


Our indoor parking guidance system is highly customizable. As we are an inhouse end-to-end supplier, this means customized and bespoke solutions is our niche. High/low ceilings, chandeliers, single space, inverted dropped, multi space – we can literally do anything. Another key selling point is that we use LiDAR technology so it operates accurately under nearly any lighting/weather condition. On the other hand, camera-based PGS & ultrasonic cannot guarantee accuracy. 


Our outdoor parking guidance system is world-class. Its the first solution we developed and its grown from strength to strength. It can mounted in many different ways and can is >99% accurate under just about any climate condition. There is no delay with transmitting data, so our sensors can be used to form parking policy in real-time. 


These are our answer to dynamic wayfinding signage. Again, uniquely designed inhouse which means there’s unparalleled customizable options. Messaging, size, variables & even the signage enclosure can all be done inhouse. These also run on an ultra-low latency network, so update in real-time. 

Vehicle Counting System

Lastly, we offer a vehicle counting system that integrates with FrogSigns to display variable messaging. These are perfect for when a parking guidance system isn’t practical. 


FrogCounter is our alternative to bay-by-bay detection. Key selling points include that we offer bi-directional options. Further to this, FrogCounter does not require magnetic loops. This sets it apart in the market as has far less maintenance requirements than other vehicle counters on the market. 

FrogHub Data & Analytics Dashboard

FrogHub is our hero software product. It has revolutionized the industry and reset the global standard for data analytics within the parking industry.

FrogHub displays just about any analytics a customer could possibly need. From occupancy, to utilization, to even a live 3D map of their facility – FrogHub has it covered. 

Another great selling point for FrogHub is that it operates in real-time which allows for dynamic pricing strategies, revenue optimization and surge pricing changes. 

FrogHub has all the added bonuses of scheduling, rate adjustments in real-time, customizable reporting and significant streamlining of administrative tasks. Customers can apply controlled area management, revenue overviews, entry/exit restrictions and change their payment terminal screens. There’s so much this piece of software can do. 

It is so user-friendly that no technical support is required, no special “IT” level install specialists. Frogparking will offer our data scientists and reporting experts to help customers get set up & trained on FrogHub.


FrogMobile is our answer to a one-stop-shop parking mobile application and is another hero product of ours. 

As always, its completely customizable so can be delivered white labelled, downloadable private or public app stores and a variety of sign on options. 

The real beauty of FrogMobile lies in its “add-on” features that operate in a ‘a la carte’ style. From in-app car locators, to live parking availability, to finding special parks … FrogMobile has it all. With nine add-on features currently available, with more being developed, FrogMobile leads the way in terms of functionality within the industry. 

FrogMobile offers the same wide variety of payment methods, and is so easy to use, that even 90-year olds use it. 


FrogComply is our answer to compliance and enforcement software. Its highly reliable and significantly reduces administrative time associated with compliance. 

It sends notifications directly to parking officers mobile devices, in real-time, for vehicles that have violated an areas parking policy. Parking officers can effortlessly issues tickets (with evidence), directly from their devices. 

Policies are super easy to set from FrogHub, as is management of tickets. FrogHub easily allows payments, appeals, reminders (and more) all from the same dashboard. Its backed up with customizable reporting as well. 


FrogPermit makes managing permits easy by significantly reducing unnecessary administrative tasks.  

FrogPermit is unique as it allows as many parking permit types as a customer needs with no additional charges. For example, single use, multi use, carpool and so on. 

FrogPermit works seamlessly with FrogHub, so a drivers application, payments & even enforcement is managed easily. This means approving, invoicing, waitlists are all managed by a simple few clicks of the customers mouse. 

Like FrogComply, policies are super easy to set from FrogHub, and provides customizable reporting as well. 


FrogTransport is Frogparking’s answer to a one-stop-shop for all things mobility related. Its a centralized hub, available on both FrogMobile and as a web portal, that consolidates and displays all transport opportunities to and from a customers facilities. 

This is particularly useful for curbside management & drop up/pick up points for both taxis and ride sharing companies. Think Uber/Lyfts, eScooters, bus/trolley, shuttles and train timetables.

Customers have the ability to add customizable modules, such as live parking space availability as well.  

We have found success selling this as it directly contributes to larger companies overall accessibility & sustainability plans. 


FrogValet, our answer to a comprehensive valet management software solution. Additionally, it was designed to reduce administrative & operational burdens on our customers staff significantly. 

FrogValet is unique as it offers a number of features that other, more common companies, cannot currently offer. For example, we offer a ticketed or a digital valet management option. We also offer additional ‘add-on features’ modules which boosts our customers revenue as drivers can request a groom, or a car re-fill etc. 

FrogValet uses both SMS-enabled technology, as well as both an app or a web portal option. This allows drivers to easily ‘text to pull’ vehicles, as well as making payments directly online to streamline our customers processes. 


FrogValidate is our digital parking validation software. Fully customizable – from QR codes, to manual validation, to mobile apps and so on. 

The beauty of FrogValidate is that it can stand alone as a superior valet management software, but also integrates beautifully with other Frogparking (or third party) hardware. 

The key selling point of FrogValidate is that it saves our customers thousands in operational expenses – with no ticketing stock, no loss of revenue through operational downtime and no staff needed to run it. 

FrogValidate, like all other solutions, operates in real-time which means any changes to pricing, validation rules, and surge pricing can be made in an instant.