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User-intuitive technology that is easy-to-use. Access from anywhere as compatible with both mobiles & desktops. Say hello to a straightforward and simple to use parking software.

Available as white-label

Think personalized branding, tailored workflows and a custom layout that suits your unique needs. Of course, available via a parking mobile application or simply as a web portal.

Variety of payment options

FrogReserve features a huge range of payment method options. We do so much more than credit cards, and pride ourselves on opening up your customers to an exceptional customer experience. 


All of your valuable data is stored off-site using cellular data communication for added reliability and peace of mind. Plus, no need to find a room to jam-pack with servers.

FrogReserve, is our online parking lot reservation tool.

The beauty of FrogReserve is that it brings the simplicity of an online reservation tool, but is backed up with superior smart parking software. 

Completely customizable, like all of our parking management solutions, it puts the hard work back into the hands of your customers. Customers are empowered to reserve parking spaces in advance, which ensures a stress-free parking system, every single time. 


Let’s get customizing  

FrogReserve is adaptable and resilient, thus making it 100% customizable. Likewise, with the power of our inhouse parking software team, we allow you to tailor it to your parking lot requirements. Whether you manage a busy urban parking lot, an airport car park, or a specialized facility, FrogReserve is a smart parking solution that can be configured to suit your needs perfectly and is the ultimate parking system.


Shall we talk about integration

Furthermore, FrogReserve integrates beautifully with FrogHub – our comprehensive parking data and analytics dashboard. With FrogHub, you are in control of parking lot reservation. Similarly, the options for days to be booked, and the available time slots. This integration empowers you to optimize your parking space efficiently, maximizing revenue and customer satisfaction. Additionally, the analytics function, gives you the ability to run reports and then make necessary changes to the parking lot reservation tool, based on real-time insights.

In addition, FrogReserve is designed to work seamlessly with other Frogparking software and hardware products, such as FrogGate and FrogLPR (license plate reader). By granting or denying access to parking based on your pre-set rules. This again, puts you in control to ensure that only authorized vehicles are entering your premises.


Are you thinking, but about parking compliance

In the event of a customer overstaying their reservation, FrogReserve integrates seamlessly with FrogComply. FrogComply helps you address parking infringements promptly and ensures parking compliance. Similarly, it prevents customers from overstaying their booking allotments. Additionally, FrogReserve provides the flexibility to charge customers for any additional time they use beyond their reservation period, promoting fair and efficient parking management. They can even do this themselves on the FrogMobile mobile parking application. 


The ultimate solution 

FrogReserve is the ultimate solution for stress-free parking reservations. With customizable features, seamless integration, and the ability to address compliance, FrogReserve is here to stay. It aims to empower parking managers to optimize their parking operations and deliver an exceptional experience for their customers.


FrogReserve is the smart choice for modern parking management – welcome the new era of a secure, straightforward and stress-free car parking system. 


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Parking Lot Reservation Tool | Frogparking | FrogReserve parking reservation