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Parking Payment Kiosk 

Cashless payments

You can use this with almost all the popular tap-and-go payment methods, as well as offering the biggest range of mobile app payment options. Thanks to WindCave’s reader, it’s super convenient and works like a charm.

Ticketless system

Our hassle-free system means you won’t need any paper tickets, which not only reduces your maintenance costs but is also a big green tick for the environment.

Dynamic pricing

You can tailor your rates to match your revenue goals, all with a few clicks on your FrogHub (personalized data dashboard).

Instant rate updates

Our kiosk system stays up-to-date in real-time, so you’ll always see the latest parking rates and access rules without delay.

Cloud storage

All your valuable data is stored off-site using cellular data communication for added reliability and peace of mind. Plus, no need to find a room to jam-pack with servers. 


FrogKiosks are a testament to exceptional engineering. They’re constructed to stand the test of time, minimizing the need for expensive repairs and ultimately reducing wastage. 

Customizable interface

Craft your very own user experience – think personalized branding, tailored workflow, and a layout that suits your unique needs.

Your branding

We can even customize it with your branding, so it stays in line with your unique style and look.

Introducing the FrogKiosk, a Parking Payment Kiosk that is a groundbreaking addition to Frogparking’s Parking Access and Revenue Control system. 

Frogparking is excited to introduce an effortless, ticketless, and cashless parking kiosk. You can place the FrogKiosk at entrances, exits, or indoors, offering flexible payment options.

Our beloved Parking Payment Kiosk stands out as the most payment-versatile kiosk on the market, offering more than just WindCave PayWave tap-and-go contactless payments. It also supports Apple Pay and Google Pay, with the unique capability to explore further options like WeChat and Ali-Pay enabled mobile payments.

The FrogKiosk provides instant rate updates at no extra cost, giving you full control over maximizing revenue with a simple click of a mouse.

No need to compromise style for functionality because the FrogKiosk can be customized to match your branding and requirements, all while maintaining a sleek and modern appearance that enhances your parking assets.

With its user-friendly interface, responsive touchscreen, and clear prompts, the FrogKiosk ensures that anyone can easily use it. It’s a hassle-free and efficient parking solution that leaves a lasting impression. 

Our customers have reported a whopping 89% increase in cashless payments since install and a 81% reduction in associated administrative tasks*

We know that you will love it as much as we do.

*Averages based off 2022 overall client data