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Intuitive & user-friendly

A mobile app that makes getting, using and keeping track of permits super easy.

Out-of-the-box solution

We pride ourselves on delivering a custom permit solution that offers an extensive range of permit options from single use through to carpooling regulars.

End-to-end solution | Frogparking | Parking Management Solution

End-to-end software

We offer a full end-to-end solution for all things permitting – from application through to applying, and everything

Reduced admin

Say goodbye to to time consuming admin because with a fully web-based portal, all changes are managed in real-time. 

FrogPermit makes Parking Permits easy and is certainly making waves globally as an excellent addition to your parking management solution.

In addition, FrogPermit allows users to reduce unnecessary administration, increase revenue and maximize your parking asset. 

Accordingly, working within FrogHub and FrogMobile, it allows for a world-class intuitive and user-friendly experience. Further to this, it is a Parking Permits software solution that simplifies all aspects of managing permits within your parking asset. 

Let Parking Permits stress be a thing of 2023 …. from single use permits, through to multi-use, and even carpooling permits, we certainly have you covered. Additionally, make your accessibility & sustainability targets turn into reality with an unbelievable range of customizable permitting options available. 

From application, to payment, to enforcement, and more … FrogPermit is a must-have.

Moreover, the best part is, it allows customers to apply, pay and validate their parking through the app.

As a result, FrogPermit talks with FrogHub to allow you to approve, create invoices, take payments, create waitlists, validate and more!

Because our solutions are integrable, the ‘icing on the cake’ is that it provides world-class usage statistics so you can maximize revenue and apply surge pricing restrictions. Namely, FrogHub will show you key stats like variance, total number issued, pricing, assigning spots and so much more. 

FrogPermit is the ‘best thing since sliced bread’ in terms of Parking Permits Software. Contact us now to find out how we can customize FrogPermit to your specific needs.