Connected. Mobility. Accessible.

Frogparking | Parking Management Solutions | FrogTransport

Lower congestion

Direct all riding sharing and taxi services to areas that are in current cold spots to decrease congestion.

Fast processing

Our FrogHub dashboard does all the hard work for you. Changes can be made, with a simple few clicks, with changes reflected in real-time across FrogTransport.

Time saving

Take the pressure off your customer service team, by embracing technology and going digital.


Craft your very own user experience – think personalized branding, linking any website or app, a fully tailored workflow… all of that with a layout that perfectly suits your unique needs. 

FrogTransport is our answer to accessibility – a one-stop-shop for all things mobility-related.

It’s a hub, where you can advise on all the transport options to and from your parking facilities. Anything from websites to apps and anything in between can be shown on FrogTransport to improve the overall customer experience.

This is particularly useful for curbside management & drop up/pick up points for both taxis and ride sharing companies. Think Uber/Lyft …. eScooters …. trolley/bus/train timetables …. shuttle schedules … basically, accessibility for all. 

You have the option to customize module additions, for example, live parking space availability (for those who want to drive a vehicle). Additionally, as an example, you can provide your customers with forecasted occupancy during peak times (based off previous data). 

This helps manage congestion and improve both utilization and occupancy rates, but also provides your customers with clear directions for a better experience.

Not to mention that FrogTransport supports sustainability goals. Less carbon emissions, less material wastage and less impact on the natural environment from needing to build additional parking lots. 

The world is your oyster with FrogTransport, as you can literally choose whatever apps or websites that are relevant to your company.

Connecting seamlessly with your FrogHub, FrogTransport opens the door to the easiest and simplest dashboard where changes can be made in real-time. Not to mention, the world-class insights that FrogHub provides.