Chief Executive Officer

Don Sandbrook is a highly successful New Zealand 'serial' entrepreneur, and Frogparking’s CEO.

Seventeen years ago Don developed an electronically controlled seed metering system that revolutionized the commercial horticultural market internationally - the 'Seed Spider'. Now, he estimates two-thirds of the salad mix grown in North America alone goes through one of his seed metering systems.

As the founder of Spidertracks, Don applied the same innovation and technical knowledge to the global aviation tracking market. What he developed was the world's first portable Iridium tracking device designed primarily for aviation. A private helicopter pilot, Don saw the need for a satellite-based flight tracking system that overcame the gaps in systems using GSM mobile phone networks.

Today, Spidertracks are sold in over 30 countries, and Don has successfully negotiated strategic business relationships with such multinationals as Cessna, Artex and Iridium.

With both Spidertracks and Seed Spider firmly established in their markets, Don stepped away to explore new ventures, and formed the research and development hub – Monkeyroom, where his focus is to apply his passion, knowledge, and devotion to innovation, entrepreneurship and business excellence.

Watching a parking warden chalking tyres in the rain, Don saw an opportunity to develop a technological solution to bring parking into the 21st century, and formed Frogparking to develop and market the technology.


Hardware Development Manager

Kahu (aka Cheeky Darky) is our lead Hardware Engineer. With a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) majoring in Mechatronics, Kahu is a highly skilled and intelligent, forward thinker. Kahu has been working with Don for a number of years, on all sorts of crazy, highly technological, world first concepts. Kahu has been involved in successfully building the worlds first portable satellite tracking system for aviation, and has built a number of other hardware devices for various applications. Kahu has a particular interest in wireless technology, robotics, microprocessors, and embedded system design.

Kahu is always keeping up to date with the latest and greatest in hardware systems and componentry, and he's always thinking of ways these can be applied to what Frogparking is doing.

In his spare time, Kahu likes to build rockets (he doesn't mind if they never come back), and he is a talented musician.


Design Engineer

With a Bachelor of Technology and a Masters in Engineering, Mike (aka Blondie) has extensive experience in managing and production planning and plays a key role in general research and development for both Frogparking and Seed Spider.

Mike has a keen interest in industrial automation and embedded software, and is a highly knowledgeable member of our team.

Before coming to us, Mike was involved in designing fire engines, and spent time overseas traveling the world (mostly drinking!).

In his spare time Mike is a legendary house renovator, tractor driver and milling expert. He also enjoys touring the country on his motorbike.



Irene (aka Een) is our Account Manager. She has stacks of experience in administration, accounts and customer service.

Irene is a bright chick, with loads of enthusiasm and talent - she is Shareena's 'right-hand-man' and our system demonstration and training super star.

Irene is the person within Frogparking that holds the place together. She is a competent, professional, adaptable and versatile member of our team. She is continually faced with new and diverse challenges, and she strives to deliver a high level of value to help keep Frogparking thriving, competitive and profitable.

Irene is a keen gardener, she has an extremely tough cat named Grover, and she has been known to sneak gin into her 'Tea' on Friday afternoons!


Office Administrator

Lydia is our Office Administrator. She has a Bachelor of Accounting from Massey University.

Lydia is a pro at keeping the office running smoothly and takes care of all of our financial reporting requirements - she knows where the dollar goes!

Lydia came to us very highly recommended, with a strong background in managing all facets of a busy office. She is a highly motivated, organized and energetic person.

After hours, Lydia enjoys walking her dog, ignoring her cat, hanging with her goats and helping her husband pull cars apart. We are always impressed by Lydia's amazing nail art, we can't wait until Don finally lets her paint his nails with little green frogs.


Software Developer

Chris is one of our Software Developers. With a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology from Southeast University China and a Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science from Massey University, Chris is a smart and enthusiastic member of our team.

Chris has a wide range of software development experience and has worked for some large multinational companies in China, doing everything from designing and programming to testing software.

Chris recently relocated from China to New Zealand and we are slowly getting him up to speed with Kiwi culture (pretty soon he will be eating 'fish and chups' with his 'bros' on the 'beech'). He recently passed the final requirement for Frogparking induction by breaking out the 'F-bomb' during a team brainstorming session.

Chris has a beautiful wife, and a keen interest in Taiji Martial Arts. We love Chris because he provides us with a constant supply of a Chinese alcoholic delicacy that tastes like petrol.

Chris enjoys traditional Chinese cuisine.



Tim is our Production Engineer. With a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) and a Doctor of Philosophy from Massey University, as well as over 15 years industry experience, Tim has tonnes of knowledge in the design, manufacturing and assembly of both hardware and software products.

Tim is vital to the Frogparking team as he spends a lot of his time testing and shipping thousands of sensors, gateways and permits all around the globe.

Outside of Frogparking, Tim owns and operates a successful business of his own, producing and operating drones for aerial photographic mapping – Skycam UAV.

When not busy working Tim spends time with his amazing wife and daughter and plays tenor saxophone in the Manawatu Jazz Club Big Band (we wonder if there was this “one time at band camp”?).



Mathew is one of our Engineers, he has a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) majoring in Industrial Automation from Massey University and is currently working towards a PhD in Robotics.

Mathew is responsible for a lot of our new product technical research, as well as testing out some of our crazy ideas and performing data analysis. He’s also been known to dabble in a little bit of firmware writing.

When not working or studying Mathew is a passionate sportsman, enjoying everything from squash to badminton and canoe polo, as well as tramping and working out at the gym. He also plays a number of musical instruments including flute, violin, trombone, guitar and ukulele.

Mathew is always sporting his in-ear headset which he only takes out for important discussions with important people, which means he doesn’t really listen to anyone saying anything.


Chief Financial Officer

Craig is Frogparking’s Chief Financial Officer and is focussed on planning and managing our finances, managing risks, working with investors, and supporting the management team with financial decisions to support future growth.

Originally from Wellington, Craig is a qualified Chartered Accountant which he completed at the international firm, EY. He is a perfect fit to take Frogparking to the next level as he has spent most of his career working in fast growth, high innovation companies that are expanding internationally across a wide range of industries such as telecommunications, insurance, software, and wireless charging for electrical vehicles.

Away from work, Craig is a big outdoors man and enjoys cycling, sailing, scuba diving, kayaking, and hanging out with his dog. He’s also a loyal (and long suffering) Hurricanes supporter. Reportedly, Craig is also a karaoke legend, and has been known to bust out a pitch perfect tune every now and then!


Administration Assistant

Aimee is Frogparking’s Administration Assistant and is responsible for taking care of overflow administration tasks to keep the office ticking over. Aimee also takes care of some programming jobs for the hardware team, and is happy to dedicate herself to any tasks around the office.

Aimee is originally from Gansu province in China, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Agriculture University of China, with a post-graduate degree in Human Nutrition from Massey University. She also has a keen interest in business and marketing and is planning more study in this area in the future.

Away from work, Aimee is quite the culinary whizz. She reckons she has perfected the art of making the perfect coffee, and enjoys travelling the world experiencing different culture’s food and often practices making dishes from around the world at home. She is also well known for having a bag full of sweet treats and sharing them with her friends.


Process Engineer

Ming is a Process Engineer for Frogparking, which means he is responsible for analysing our manufacturing and development processes and constantly looking for new and efficient ways of improving processes.

Ming is an inquisitive soul, and has a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) but is also on his way to completing his PhD in Mechanical Engineering. Ming has experience as an app developer, a researcher, and a mechanic in Auckland before settling in the big smoke (Palmerston North).

When not busy at work, he’s busy finding the most efficient way of making it rain on the basketball court, playing piano, or attracting the wrath of TSA officials at LAX. He is also a big baseball fan, has played American Football, and is a wicked chess player following 3 years training.

Joe Morton

Onsite Installation Manager

Joe is Frogparking’s Onsite Installation Manager. It is his job to install Frogparking’s components at new sites and ensure that the installation process runs safely, smoothly, and on time for our customers.

Prior to joining Frogparking, Joe owned and operated his own Drywall business for seven years specialising in servicing residential and commercial construction.

When not busily rolling out Frogparking’s technology at new sites, Joe can be found on the sports field, grilling up a storm on the barbeque, or singing and writing international award winning songs. In fact, to get the job, we made him play each of the 43 musical instruments he owns - all at the same time. His claim to fame is that he once built and raced a giant Mr Potato Head in the Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix.


Marketing Manager/Co-director

Shareena is our Marketing Manager and Director. She has a Bachelor of Business Studies in Marketing from Massey University, A Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies, and an Executive MBA from Waikato University.

Shareena has business experience in a wide range of industries, including investment banking, HR, retail finance, patents/intellectual property, and aviation.

Shareena has an extremely strong customer focus, shaped around building sustainable long-term relationships, and effectively communicating in a way that shapes the competitive advantage of the company.

Shareena has a warm, infectious personality. She is a successful business owner in her own right, and is mother to two beautiful little girls.


Design Engineer, Graphic Designer

With a Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design, Jono has a brilliant artistic flair and a passion for all things design. A spontaneous and creative thinker, Jono specializes in plastics engineering, website design, photography, graphic design and building epic tree houses.

Jono is a great fit for the fast-paced environment at Frogparking, he has the ability to take any challenge thrown at him and create a masterpiece.

Jono brings laughter in the door with him every morning (we haven’t yet figured out what he is on!), he’s an epic snowboarder and likes to regularly prank the boss. Check out the amazing treehouse Jono built at


Software Engineer

Lucia is a Software Engineer for Frogparking, she has Bachelor of Engineering at Massey University (Hons).

Lucia is involved with high-level software design and programming, web and user interface design. Lucia's skills also extend to microcontroller programming, PCB design, and FPGA programming - which makes her a great asset to Frogparking.

Lucia originates from Slovakia (so we love to listen to her beautiful accent!), she has a friendly and loyal personality, and is a bubbly member of our team.

In her spare time, Lucia likes running, painting and she wows us with her amazing noodle creations!



Dave is one of our Engineers. He is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering (majoring in Electronics and Computer Systems) from Massey University

Dave is our ‘jack of all trades’, doing everything from general assembly work, to site installation and running system diagnostics. Anytime we give Dave a task, he enthusiastically completes it faster than the speed of light and continues to impress us with his ability to soak up knowledge like a frickin’ sponge!

In his spare time, Dave enjoys competing in half marathons, playing and watching football (LIVERPOOL FC FOR LIFE!), and spending time outdoors. Dave has more swag than David Hasselhoff increasing the overall average eye-candy rating of the workshop.

We are very proud of Dave, he took out the supreme award for his daisies at the world renouned Ellerslie Flower Show.


Software Consultant

Stu is one of our Software Consultants. With a Bachelor of Arts from Southampton University and as a Microsoft Certified Developer, Stu is a coding machine.

Before joining Frogparking, Stu has worked on numerous projects, including some which have received technological excellence awards, for Spark, Meridian and Ministry of Primary Industries, as well as a number of other high profile Kiwi companies.

Stu’s secret claim to fame is the time he infamously took down all TV broadcasts on a single satellite, across most of Western Europe for a couple of minutes when he accidentally rebooted the wrong server. But we won’t tell anyone if you won’t!

When Stu isn’t in front of his computer coding up a storm, he has climbed rock and ice all over the world (he counts the Himalayas, Andes and Atlas Mountains among some of his top conquests). Stu also loves spending time with his wife and two beautiful children, and runs the occasional ultra-marathon to keep in shape.



Aaron is one of our Firmware Engineers. With a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) and PhD in Engineering both majoring in Mechatronics, Aaron is an incredibly clever and valuable member of the Frogparking team.

Aaron is also the founder of Fovea, a company that specialises in the design and implementation of machine vision systems to assist quality control – note: we’re not sure what that means either, but it scored him the job!

Aaron spends his days collaborating with the hardware development team to bring their creations to life. Aaron somehow manages to go into his firmware-writing-ninja-bubble and not get distracted by the rest of the team in the hardware office, we haven’t managed to distract him yet!

In between work and study, with the little bit of spare time he gets, Aaron loves spending time with his son and playing guitar. He’s also a world-renowned cake baker. Apparently he makes the most amazing layered chocolate cakes. But, we wouldn’t know, he keeps forgetting to bring us one to try.



Franceksa is Frogparking’s independent Director. She is currently the Chief Executive of the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund which she has managed since its inception in 2001.

Franceska oversees partnerships with nine venture capital funds, 15 angel investment networks, and direct and indirect investments into over 170 companies. Franceska brings extensive governance experience and a wide business network to Frogparking’s Board.

Franceska is a beautiful person inside and out, and we are proud to have her on our team.


Communications Specialist

Christian is our Communications Specialist, and has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Politics and International Relations from Victoria University of Wellington.

Christian is originally a Palmy boy and comes to Frogparking after three years of buzzing around Beehive in Wellington. He is responsible for making sure that our internal and external communications are up to scratch and on message before they’re sent out. He also monitors our Facebook and Twitter feeds, and can often be heard giggling at funny memes or tweets during the day.

Away from work, Christian is a keen sportsman; dabbling in a bit of Football and Cricket. He is also a massive Rugby (Hurricanes and Turbos) and Baseball (San Francisco Giants) fan. During the summer months of the year, he can be found in his natural habitat: the speedways of New Zealand. He is a gun race car driver, and is ranked in the top 5 in New Zealand in his category.


Workshop Manager, Service Technician

Jay (the Silverback) is Frogparking’s Workshop Manager, Service Technician, and installation legend. Jay is a qualified fitter and welder and came to us with loads of engineering experience, after 13 years fabricating 100,000L fuel tanks.

A jack-of-all-trades and master of many, Jay is responsible for preparing parts for shipment to happy customers, fabricating and assembling components, being the boss of the workshop, and being a helpful hand on site for installs.

In his spare time, Jay is either playing PC Games, hanging out with his Red nose Pitbull, or working on hotrods or motorbikes. His ultimate holiday is cruising along Route 66 on a sunny day in the US in a sweet hotrod – sounds good to us!


Software Developer

Vincent is one of our software developers and he is responsible for developing and maintaining Frogparking’s mobile apps. Originally from South Korea, he holds a graduate Bachelor’s Degree in computer science from the Inha University in Seoul.

He has previously worked as a software engineer at some international companies including Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and LG Electronics.

Vincent enjoys travelling, playing video games, and taking photos of his travels. As he is a recent arrival to New Zealand, Vincent is enjoying learning about Kiwi culture and exploring the environment outside the big city.


Project Coordinator

Adina is Frogparking’s Project Coordinator making her responsible for ensuring that our customers are happy right from signing the contract with us, through to having a fully operational and efficient parking management system. Adina is also in charge of procurement, ordering parts for installs, managing our large and varied inventory system, and maintaining relationships with our suppliers.

Adina has a Bachelor of Business Studies, majoring in Finance Concepts and Logistics. She is originally from Munich, Germany and has experience in sales support, event management, and marketing and communications in roles both in Germany and New Zealand.

Adina is a great fit for Frogparking. She is fun-loving and is keen on the outdoors, and loves going for a good hike or snowboard. She can be heard counting numbers in German out loud, even though she is fluent in English.

Sam Maxted

Onsite Installation Manager

Sam (aka Samwise Gamgee) is one of Frogparking’s dedicated Technicians. He plays a key role in the fellowship of Frogparking’s quest to sell our parking management solution throughout middle earth and around the world.

Sam is currently on his own quest, moving from the Shire (Hawkes Bay) to negotiate his way towards conquering a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) at Massey University. At Frogparking, Sam has many responsibilities around the workshop, including playing loyal sidekick to our team of engineers for any tasks they may have.

In his spare time, Sam can be found working on his latest project, tinkering with computers, or tutoring students. Like the actual Samwise Gamgee, our Sam is not to be messed with. He holds a black belt in Karate and can often be found at his local dojo practicing and coaching.



Are you our next Frogperson?

We are always on the hunt for some talented people to join the Frogparking team to develop or sell our parking management solution around the world. Frogparking is not your average workplace. If you’re interested in joining the team, send us your CV to and tell us about yourself!