Looking for your new car parking solution?

Palmerston North based parking technology company, Frogparking, recently completed a new car parking solution. Notably, installing over 500 wireless parking occupancy sensors across Auckland International Airport’s indoor and outdoor carparks.

The new sensors are an extension to the ww installed in late 2015. This elegant car parking solution means that motorists can enjoy better parking availability. Not to mention an easier ride to available carparks at the airport.

What’s it all about?

The sensors send data about car park utilization to Frogparking’s cloud-based platform. Simultaneously feeding live information from over 4,000 car parks airport wide into Frogparking’s dynamic signage. Consequently, this signage, combined with LED lights in indoor bays, advises motorists where parks are available. Thus, removing the hassle and frustration of circling parking lots to find a parking space.

Notably, travelling can be stressful, and negotiating airport carparks can be confusing for many motorists. Subsequently, travelers are often pushed for time and need to find an available car park as soon as possible, to avoid being late for or missing flights.

Why the partnership?

Ultimately, that’s why Frogparking and Auckland Airport have joined forces. Similarly, to deliver a slick, accurate, and reliable indoor and outdoor guidance solution. In the same vein, to assist the more than 20 million passengers that pass through New Zealand’s busiest airport.

“Frogparking’s guidance solution has replaced our old system, and has brought Auckland Airport’s parking facilities into the 21st century,” says Martyn Brewer, Commercial Manager Transport for Auckland International Airport.

“Uptake from motorists has been fantastic, and people are noticing the results. Prior to the install, you’d struggle to find a park near the terminal, but now that people are being guided around the facility to the appropriate carparks, there is always something available.

“Our focus is on providing the best possible experience for our customers. Frogparking has delivered a car parking solution that makes things easier and more efficient for people, and helped to improve our carpark,” says Brewer.

What’s next?

Frogparking now service all three of New Zealand’s major international airports with its full suite of cutting-edge solutions. Further to this, they plan to extend this specialization across its major markets in the United States, Europe, and Australia.

“Airport carparks manage a huge amount of traffic flow. From people parking short term or long term to people doing pickup or drop off, the system has to cater for them all,” says Frogparking Managing Director, Shareena Sandbrook.

“We’re currently the only provider world-wide that offers a fully wireless, indoor and outdoor, cloud-based solution that will integrate with existing systems and is easy to install and upscale as required,’ says Sandbrook.