Hospital Parking Solutions and the Chandelier Parking Guidance System Revolution

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Published on February 11, 2024

When you think of hospital parking solutions, a chandelier is not something you’d normally expect to see.

However, we are guessing you’d normally expect to see a chandelier in a ballroom, a 5-star hotel, or inside a Beverly Hills home. Certainly not fixed to the ceiling of a parking structure in Orange County. This unconventional sight became a reality with a global smart parking technology company – Frogparking. Say hello to a new era in hospital parking solutions. 

Edwards Lifesciences, a leading medical research facility, was hunting for an enhanced parking experience for their staff. They found their solution through Frogparking’s cutting-edge FrogGuidance indoor parking guidance technology (PGS).

Edwards Lifesciences were in pursuit of a fast, frictionless, and stress-free parking experience. The focus on allowing staff members to maximize their valuable time on crucial medical research rather than navigating parking lots.

Frogparking’s indoor and outdoor parking guidance platform is renowned for transforming parking experiences at retail properties, airports, cities, hospitals, train stations and other major parking facilities. Frogparking’s emphasis is on creating happy customers. Resulting in customers who enter the premises ready to engage, as opposed to dwelling on unpleasant parking experiences.

Edwards Lifesciences presented a unique use case for their hospital parking solutions, shifting the focus to improving the staff experience instead of traditional users like shoppers or visitors.

In response, Frogparking’s technology was seamlessly integrated into the medical research facility.

The challenge arose when constructing new multi-story parking structures to meet the growing demand for more on-site staff parking. In a departure from conventional rail-mounted PGS, Frogparking embraced a minimalist approach to structure design. This innovative decision showcased Frogparking’s commitment to setting industry standards.

To meet this unique specification, the company’s in-house product design and engineering team along with the garages’ architect, Choate Parking’s architect, Jacob Olid. They put their heads together to develop a sleek solution that blended into the environment. Furthermore, it still showed motorists where available parking spaces were. The collaboration led to a solution that not only met the functional requirements but also blended seamlessly into the overall aesthetic.

Having already previously integrated parking guidance technology with LED lights for many other customers, Frogparking has a wealth of experience. Specifically,  with innovating while maintaining core components of the parking system. Their expertise ensures that there is no integration challenge that is too much for the design & engineer teams.

Being included from the beginning of the new-build project allowed Frogparking, Choate Parking and the electricians to account for the inclusion of parking guidance. This approach not only minimized normal electrical limitations but also provided a blank canvas. In other words, to come up with the optimal solution, with the imagination of our design engineers being the only limitation to innovative hospital parking solutions.

After a number of design hours and 3D printed prototypes, the finished product is truly superb. This innovative variation was immediately added to our already well-established line up. Crafted with high-impact, UV-resistant, UL-rated plastic, each unit incorporates six patented sensors. Importantly, with an ultra-bright LED guidance indicator light.

The pictures speak for themselves. Mounted on the parking structure’s concrete slab ceiling with a custom-designed, galvanized steel tube, the chandelier ensures a visually low-impact and pollution-free atmosphere within the garages. This unique integration adds an element of sophistication. Indeed, transforming the parking environment into something unexpected yet elegant.

Frogparking’s chandelier unit is yet another groundbreaking solution that exemplifies the company’s dedication to innovation. Undoubtedly, elevating the standards of the parking industry. The seamless integration of cutting-edge technology with aesthetic appeal underscores their position as industry leaders.

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