City of Hope

Parking App User Manual




This page will help you to setup and operate the City of Hope Employee Parking app (powered by Frogparking).

It's your helpful how-to guide with an explanation to all the features and functions of the app. This manual will be updated as new features are included in the app. Frogparking is responsible for additions and version control.
Current version: 1.3.7 | Release Date: July 2021


Paid Parking.

Allows approved staff and visitors to pay for parking by session in selected spaces.

This image displays the controls on the pay tab.

Access Daily Paid Parking:

  • Complete the site induction with City of Hope Parking and Transportation
  • Download the Parking at City of Hope app and create an account from the login page
  • Create an account using your City of Hope email (

Pay for parking on site:

  • Park on site in a space that allows parking sessions
  • Log into the app
  • Check availability prior to arrival on campus
  • Select the Pay tab

Your parking session has been paid for. The payment session ends when the time runs out or when you leave the space.

The payment process will fail under the following conditions:

  • If you park in a space that does not allow session parking.
  • If your payment processing fails.

Add credit card

For first you, you will need to add a credit card for payment. Once added, this card can be used for future payments. You will be connected to a secure payment service. The app does not store any credit card or personal information.

  • Click Add Credit Card option from the credit card list then click Make Payment.
  • Enter your card details and billing address and click SAVE.
  • You will receive a confirmation message if successful, click Continue.
  • Partial details of the card will appear in the payment options menu and can be used for this and future payment sessions.



Check-in to spaces with your permit by pressing the apply button on the permit you have set up. (Refer to "Select Permit" section for information on how to set up a permit).

Note that the lot and space name will be painted at the rear of the space. The form fields have the following definitions:

  • Space: The text painted in the bay
  • License Plate: Enter the licence plate of your vehicle. Tapping this field will show a list of previously used plates.

Once all information has been entered, select Apply Permit. You will receive a confirmation notification. If the permit cannot be applied, you will be provided with a reason. The most common reasons are:

  • Your permit cannot be applied to this bay because it is outside your allocation. For example, you cannot apply your permit to space D120 if you have a permit for Lot L. Similarly, you cannot use this tab if you have not purchased a permit.
  • The space does not exist. This is normally an error in entering the space identifier.
  • Incomplete information. These errors occur if you have not filled out the space and your licence plate field. The error will inform you of where the missing data should be.
  • A permit session already exists. You will be provided with a message for information purposes only. You may move your session to a new space as required.


Get the app.


The parking app is available on Android and iOS platforms.

To install the app:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS).
  2. Search for ‘Parking at City of Hope’. The icon for this app is shown in Figure 1.
  3. Select install and go through the normal process for installing an app on your device.

The apps can also be found at by following these links on your device:


Employee account activation.


Eligible-employee accounts are created automatically, and new users receive a welcome email to the account registered with City of Hope. This email contains an activation code which is used to verify the user

Take the following steps to activate an employee account for the first time (process shown below):

  1. Follow the link provided in the Welcome Email to access the web-based activation form.
  2. Enter the email address to which you received your Welcome email and the activation code it contained.
  3. Press Activate Account
  4. Create a new password to use going forward. Passwords must be at least 8 characters and cannot start or end with white space.
  5. Your account is active. You will be directed to the mobile app.


Public account signup


Public accounts allow users to see live parking availability, pay daily parking rates for paid parking and select from day pass permits (where available).

NOTE: Patient/visitor parking is free. Vendor and VIP parking may incur parking tariffs.

To create a public parking account, take the following steps:


Log in
to the app.



Selecting a
parking permit.


City of Hope have issued parking permits for use by employees and visitors. These permits allow parking in a set group of parking lots for a single, monthly price.

Take the following actions to start a permit subscription (see process in illustration below):

  1. Log in to the app.
  2. Press the permit tab in the bottom bar ribbon
  3. Press the Create Permit button. You will see a list of permits available to you.
  4. Select the "i" icon on any permit to see a description of parking rules under that permit (price, locations, cooldown and other rules)
  5. Select the permit you would like, then press the "Purchase" button
  6. You will now see the permit purchase confirmation appear in a popup window
  7. You may now use the permit for parking.

  • Permit inventory is limited. You will receive an error if you try and purchase a permit that has no availability.
  • Subscription charges are not being processed at this time stated prices are indicative only.
    Payments will be accepted via credit card or payroll deduction.
  • Each permit has a 30-day ‘Cooldown’ period before which no changes can be made to the selected permit. This is stated in the permit description.


Removing a
parking permit.


If for whatever reason your permit is no longer required, you are able to cancel it yourself by simply selecting the remove permit option.

Be sure that you no longer require your permit as there is no guarantee that you will be able to get your permit back or that there will be others available for selection.


Add Credit Card.


Eligible employees who select a paid permit are enrolled by default in a pretax payroll deduction subscription. Anyone ineligible for payroll deduction (contractors or vendors for example) or those who choose to may opt to pay their parking subscription by monthly credit card payment. To do this, take the following steps

  1. Log into the app.
  2. Press the sidebar menu icon.
  3. Select Add Credit Card.
  4. Review the subscription information on this page.
  5. Enter your details on the secure payment form and press Submit.
  6. You will receive a confirmation if the subscription is successful.

From here, your credit card will be charged monthly and any payroll deduction will be cancelled.


Map tab.






Select the App Menu button (three horizontal lines) at the top of the page for configuration and management options.

These controls have the following functions:

  • Add a credit card: Used to pay for your permit subscription by monthly-charged credit payment. All major brands accepted. Note that eligible employees receive a pre-tax payroll deduction for permits, adding a credit card will override this deduction.
  • Settings: Set app configuration options such as Find My Car and Location Service settings.
  • Logout: Log out back to the activation screen. You will need to input your credentials again to access the app.


a Space.

To access this feature, your app must be at or later than version 1.3.3 on Apple and 3.1.11 on Android. If you have selected Alternative Transportation or Community MD permits, you will see the reservation tab where you can create, manage, and complete reservations for your limited parking access to Duarte.

These are the fields in the reservation schedule screen.

  • Upcoming Reservations: A scrollable list of all future reservations you have made.
  • Completed Reservations: A scrollable list of all completed or past reservations.
  • Remaining reservation count: The number of reservations allowed for the current period.
  • Add new reservation: Progress to the create reservation page to make reservations in this or future periods.

Your reservation period will depend on what reservation type you have:

  • Alternative Transportation type entitles the holder to six (6) days parking on site per fiscal year (Oct 1 – Sep 30)
  • Community MD type entitles the holder to seven (7) days parking on site per calendar month.

Make a reservation:

  • Press the Add new reservation button.
  • Select the date you would like to visit site.
  • Select the Lot you would like to park in (see the map for these lot locations)
  • Press 'Reserve'

The new reservation will appear in your Upcoming Reservations list. Your reservation is for any one of the spaces in the described area (e.g. H127-H128) not an allocation to any specific space.

Conditions that will prevent you making a reservation:

  • There are no spaces available for reservation on this day; try a different lot or another day.
  • You do not have any spare reservations available this period; cancel one of your other reservations or select a date in a different period.

Cancel a reservation:

  • Select the reservation to cancel from the Upcoming Reservations list.
  • Confirm you wish to cancel the reservation.

Your reservation will be removed from your Upcoming Reservation list and your available reservations count will increase by one.

Note: Due to limited parking space availability and to be considerate to fellow staff members, we recommend cancellations be made at least 12 hours in advance so someone else can utilize the space.

Incomplete reservations move to the completed list at the end of the day and will count against your remaining reservations.

Complete a reservation:

  • Park on site on the day of your reservation in one of the spaces within the reserved lot (check the map for navigation to these lots).
  • Tap on the reservation you wish to complete.
  • Enter the space in which you parked (space names painted in the back of the space) and your license plate and press ‘Complete Reservation’. You may also opt to have the space location saved on your device for when you return to your vehicle.

Your parking check-in is complete and will now show in the ‘Completed Reservations’ section. Your parking session lasts for 18 hours or until you leave the space.

You will not be able to complete a reservation in the following situations:

  • If you arrive on site on the wrong day. Trying to complete a reservation for a future day will ask if you want to cancel the reservation
  • If you are in a space not in your reserved area.


1I can’t see permits when I login
Cause: There are no permits available to the user account with which you have logged in.
Solution: Confirm that you have logged in with an eligible account. For City of Hope Staff, this will be your business email. You would have received a welcome email to this address.
2I want to use Payroll Deductions but I can’t see the option
Cause: Payroll Deductions is the default, unlisted option.
Solution: If you wish to use Payroll Deductions and you are eligible to do so, you don’t need to take any further action. You’re good to go.
3What do I do when I park to apply my permit?
Solution: See the Apply a Permit section.
4I entered my space number and I got an error
Cause: Incorrectly entered space. Space outside allocation. Missing data on form.
Solution: You must enter the space designator exactly as it is painted in the bay (e.g. T101). You must also park within the limits of your permit allocation (e.g. you cannot park in Lot L if you have a Lot B permit); check your permit description in the bottom half of the screen. A space designator and a licence plate is required to apply a permit.