We get asked this simple question, ‘what is a focus parking system?’ a lot.

Quite often, backed up by ‘what’s the difference between a parking management solution and a focus parking system’?

A focus parking system typically refers to a technology or method designed to assist drivers in parking their vehicles more accurately and safely. It often involves the use of sensors, cameras, or other detection devices integrated into the vehicle. This aids in identifying obstacles, determining distances, and guiding the driver into a parking space with precision.

Quite often, focus parking systems may provide visual or auditory cues to the driver.

For example, parking assist graphics on a display screen or beeping sounds that increase in frequency as the vehicle gets closer to an obstacle.

Whereas a parking management solution focuses on technology found in the external environment to assist drivers in parking easier.

For example, a parking guidance system (software & hardware that displays lighting to indicate if a park is vacant). Another example includes things like dynamic wayfinding signage or a License Plate Reader to improve entry & exit congestion. Not to mention improving a visitors overall experience at a parking facility.  

Overall, both parking management solutions & focus parking systems have the same aim. To enhance convenience, reduce the likelihood of accidents while parking, and optimize the efficient use of available parking spaces.


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