Fashion Island Shopping Center

FrogSensor units

FrogGuidance Lights

Directional FrogSigns


Parking utilization
during peak times.*


Faster to find a park
since installation.* 


Reduction in cruising
since installation.*

Enter Fashion Island, an open-air regional shopping center boasting a state-of-the-art IoT parking solution. 

Located in Newport Beach in California, Fashion Island opened in 1967 and features some truly iconic anchor stores such as Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. Likewise, with over 15 million annual visitors, and a variety of parking needs, we were excited to develop the IoT parking solution of Fashion Island’s dreams. 


What were the challenges? 

Fashion Island needed to provide vacancy counts to drivers, helping them find parking quickly and easily. Similarly, there was an issue with vehicle cruise times, as well as overall occupancy and utilization. Consequently, the goal was to enhance the overall parking experience for visitors. Specifically, by installing a smart parking system that could easily inform drivers of available parking spaces.


What was Frogparking’s solution?

This was an easy fix for our experts. Frogparking implemented a robust IoT parking system that took parking  automation to the next level. Subsequently, featuring an incredible indoor parking guidance solution at the site’s three main parking garages, Fashion Island took it to the next level with their parking management solution. Indeed, it encompassed the installation of over 2,200 FrogGuidance lights, and 51 dynamic wayfinding FrogSigns.


What are the results?

This parking equipment worked in tandem to provide real-time vacancy counts to drivers. Comprehensive parking data shows us it is now 57% faster to find a park since Frogparking installed their IoT parking system. Thus, allowing drivers to make informed decisions to find parking spaces quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, with a massive 30% reduction in cruise times, we also helped Fashion Island make strides towards overall sustainability goals. Customers of Fashion Island can now experience a smart car parking system that improves the overall experience but reducing search times and starting their shopping experience off on the right foot. 


* Data is based on 2023 historical peak time data

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