Frogparking’s Smart Parking Technology on full display.

Welcome to the IPMI 2023 Conference. This year, it was held at the Fort Worth Convention Center Arena in Texas. Similarly, where innovation meets Smart Parking Technology … in the best way.

It is awesome to have of some of our US team and NZ team get together. Consequently, showcasing the amazing smart parking technology options that we offer at Frogparking.

Pictured (above) from left to right: John, Kahu, Shareena, James, Jen and Martyn.

The team were amped to showcase the smartest Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) at the show. Our FrogGate, FrogLPR and FrogKiosk stood proudly, front and center, as the team live demonstrated its impressive capability.

The interest in Frogparking’s end-to-end parking management solution is obvious. Further to this, there is huge interest into the variety of cloud-based software solutions that Frogparking offer.

In addition, the team got a particular high from securing a FrogGuidance deal on-the-spot. Specifically, from a partner we have been working with for a wee while now. By the same token, our customer simply wants to meet the team face-to-face. In fact, he wanted to offer a classic ‘deal by handshake’ situation.

The team is still raving about how great it was to be so busy. In particular, sharing the impact our innovative solutions in a number of different ways is a highlight. Of course, showcasing how we deliver increased revenue whilst reducing ongoings, is always a crowd favourite.

We will be back for IPMI 2024, which we ‘hear through the grapevine’, will be in Columbus Ohio.

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The IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo is dedicated to keeping the amazing community connected. Whether this is through exhibits, general and education sessions, Shoptalks, networking, and community-building events. The Conference & Expo will be offered only in-person. Ultimately, they will continue to host virtual events for our industry for those who are not able to join in person.  























































Being the only sole end-to-end parking management system provider in the world, our cloud based solutions are continuing to make a splash in the parking industry, and it’s just the start!