Navigating Tomorrow’s Parking Landscape: Key Trends for 2024

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Published on February 7, 2024

Navigating Tomorrow’s Parking Landscape

Shareena Sandbrook

As I begin the year, I always like to make sure that the Frogparking team understands the parking landscape & key trends emerging within the parking and mobility industry. We’ve always believed in being at the forefront of innovation and smart parking technology. Today, I’m excited to share our insights into the emerging trends within the industry. 

AV, Mobility as a Service, and Accessibility

The rise of autonomous vehicles is inevitable. It will have a huge impact on the parking landscape. While I don’t think we are quite at ‘The Jetsons’ level yet, self-driving cars will become more common. Even the most basic of data is showing us the shift from personal car ownership to shared autonomous mobility services.

Just as I have spoken about AV, I also think the parking landscape is poised to integrate even more seamlessly into the broader mobility ecosystem. Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) will become increasingly prevalent. Think of comprehensive parking systems. Parking solutions that combine public transportation, ridesharing, biking, and parking – all in one.

The commitment to accessibility and inclusivity will remain a constant. Parking facilities must go beyond compliance. Focus on creating environments that cater to the needs of all individuals.

Both AV and MaaS, will influence the demand for parking spaces. Not just in terms of physical parking spaces, but the need for drop-off and pick-up zones. Not to mention cruise time reductions and smoother entry/exit flow solutions. Parking facilities will need to adapt to this. Moreover, many have already started working with us at Frogparking to make changes to their parking management solutions. 

Data-Driven Everything

The power of data will continue to be harnessed in this new parking landscape. Advanced data analytics will not only optimize parking operations but also contribute to more efficient urban planning. Real-time data will enable better traffic management, emission reductions, and better user experiences. Having a team of data scientists on hand, to turn this data into dynamic strategies for enhanced revenue-collection, will be the differentiator that sets parking management companies apart. From experience, I know the value our Frogparking data scientists bring to our customers. It is simply something we cannot go without. They are the brains that turn our client’s data into something that literally anyone could understand. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

I briefly touched on the better user experience earlier; user expectations are rising. Parking facilities are no exception. This includes things like contactless parking payments and reservations, wayfinding apps and personalized experiences. The aim is to provide convenience and satisfaction, and I believe this will be the norm moving forwards. Customer-centricity will be key in retaining and attracting clients. It’s what we have tweaked over the years at Frogparking. We are able to provide a simple-to-use, world-class experience for all users.  In this day-and-age, with time being a precious commodity, I know how important simplicity is to my own life. I read somewhere recently that being ‘time-poor’ is the new biggest stressor in terms of health. Therefore, it’s important to me that we help, in our little way, to improve the lives of those who use our solutions.

As we continue to pre-empt these trends and changes to the parking landscape, Frogparking remains dedicated to parking innovation, sustainability, and providing cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs of the parking industry. We see these trends not as challenges, but as opportunities to better serve our clients. We believe in creating a brighter future. Frogparking’s journey forward is defined by our ability to adapt, remain agile, and showcase the values that have driven us from the beginning.

Together, we will shape a parking landscape that is more than just spaces to leave our vehicles. It’s an integral part of a smarter, more sustainable, and more inclusive world.

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