Shaking Up Parking Accessibility: Innovative Parking Solutions Open Doors for All

Written by Frogparking


Published on February 27, 2024

Parking accessibility is the new hot topic of the parking management industry. More and more of our customers are requesting options to ensure accessibility for all users. Frogparking’s PARCS, comprising FrogGate, FrogLPR, and FrogKiosk, is emerging as a transformative force, redefining how companies approach inclusivity and convenience within their parking facilities.

Seamless Access with FrogGate

Frogparking’s FrogGate parking technology serves as the gateway to a more accessible parking experience. The system is designed with patented LiDAR technology with safety at the forefront. The FrogGate’s safety feature, that stops the parking barrier gate arm from moving if there is something in the ‘impact zone’ is designed to identify all mobility types. We don’t just mean cars or trucks – we mean wheelchairs, mobility scooters and other smaller mobility devices as well. 

License Plate Recognition (FrogLPR): A Game-Changer for All

Frogparking’s commitment to accessibility extends to cutting-edge license plate recognition technology. With FrogLPR, users can experience hassle-free entry and exit without the need for physical tickets or cards. This not only streamlines the parking process but also caters to individuals who may face difficulties with traditional parking ticketing systems. FrogLPR stands as a testament to Frogparking’s dedication to making parking accessible to everyone, regardless of their unique needs.

FrogKiosk: Intuitive and Inclusive

Frogparking’s FrogKiosk complements accessibility efforts by providing a user-friendly, intuitive interface for payment and information retrieval. The parking payment kiosk’s design takes into account diverse user needs, ensuring that individuals with varying abilities can easily navigate the parking system. By promoting inclusivity through accessible touchpoints, FrogKiosk enhances the overall user experience, making parking facilities welcoming to all.

Elevating the Standard of Parking Accessibility

Frogparking’s PARCS redefines the standard for parking accessibility. Through thoughtful design and innovative technologies, Frogparking ensures that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can enjoy a seamless and stress-free parking experience. By embracing Frogparking’s parking solutions, companies not only meet but exceed accessibility expectations, creating a more inclusive environment for all users.

In conclusion, Frogparking’s commitment to accessibility is evident in every aspect of its Parking Access and Revenue Control System. From the entry gate to license plate recognition and user-friendly kiosks, Frogparking is driving a revolution in parking accessibility.

Embrace the future of parking with Frogparking – take a leap into the future with us, where possibilities are limitless.


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Frogparking stands as a global leader in comprehensive parking management solutions, committed to delivering cutting-edge technologies that redefine the future of parking management. With a focus on data analytics, accessibility, safety, and end-user experiences, Frogparking continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the parking industry.

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