PGS (Parking Guidance System) benefits – three reasons why it’s 69% faster to find a parking space with Frogparking

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Published on January 22, 2024

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PGS (parking guidance system) delights customers with recent annual statistics

New PGS data collected from a large shopping center is delighting everyone. Frogparking is producing quarterly reporting from their comprehensive parking system, for this customers multi-level parking lot, with FrogGuidance. 

We sometimes are asked, ‘how does Frogparking know the improvement statistics in new installations?’.

The answer is simple. We collect ‘snapshots’ of the system at go live, so customers can benchmark results. 

This customers PGS uses single-space occupancy sensors in each parking space.

Our sensors are collecting ALOT of data. Ultimately, popular reporting includes occupancy, utilization, duration, and turnover data. In particular, this data is used to improve the customer’s experience. For example, providing guidance to parking spaces with LED guidance lights and dynamic way-finding signage.

Frogparking’s data team recently spent time analyzing 90 days of data from this customer. This is extracted from FrogHub, our cloud-based parking analytics platform. In this case, we are producing some incredible insights into the change in parking trends and behaviors. 

PGS during the analyzed period:

  • 69% faster to find an available parking space*
  • 8.9% increase in utilization across the entire parking lot*

Here’s why:

  • Remove the guesswork. Overall carpark utilization increases because accurate PGS is removing the guesswork for drivers. FrogSigns show the occupancy level on each floor. As a result, drivers see the occupancy of each floor before entering. Additionally, allows them to make informed decisions about where to park. 
  • Light the way to those hard to find space. Drivers are being encouraged to those hard to find spaces tucked away at the back of a parking lot with PGS LED indicator lights.
  • Clear the aisles. Driving aisles are easier to transit as congestion is reducing with PGS. In essence, drivers are no longer aimlessly circulating around the parking lot searching for a parking space. Importantly, they are guided directly to the nearest available parking space.

What does it mean?

Ultimately, PGS means a better experience for your customer. 

Reducing the ‘time to find a parking space’ means a better, easier, and faster journey to your parking lot. Likewise, meaning that your customers spend less time in their car circulating with frustration. Simply put, more time being productive shoppers.

  *vs prior to the installation of FrogGuidance PGS

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