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December 6, 2019
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December 5, 2019

License Plate Reader

Product Details

Frogparking’s Indoor Guidance with License Plate Reader add-on is the smartest and fastest way of capturing license plates that are actually parked in your parking lot.

The same, laser-precise indoor parking guidance brought to you by Frogparking, now with the License Plate Reader clip on.

Add Frogparking’s License Plate Reader to Frogparking’s Laser Indoor Guidance system and improve your customer’s experience, increase utilisation of all parking spaces, and collect data for your Frogparking data hub.

Collecting license plata data is great, but how do you make it useful?

Data from the License Plate Reader is used to calculate accurate time-to-park and time-to-exit information which is displayed to visitors to increase utilisation of under used parking areas and ease pressure on hotspots.

Works accurately with New Zealand and Australia alphanumeric plates, including vanity plates.
Operates under various lighting conditions.
Sleek and discreet enclosure, mounted away from the harsh road environment.
One License Plate Reader captures and processes data from two bays.