Smart Mobility is changing the way we future proof our parking solutions.

Furthermore, with Frogparking, our latest-leading technology ensures doing ‘more for less’. Let Frogparking give you confidence. And let us guide you with our expertise within the industry.

Want to maximize your parking space while remaining sustainable?

Smart Mobility is changing the way we future proof our parking solutions. Consequently, with Frogparking, our latest-leading technology does more for less.

Frogparking’s technology aids parking owners & operators to better direct, manage and utilize their parking assets. Thus, lowering your carbon footprint at the same time and earning a green tick for sustainability.

You can be assured that our parking management solutions are designed with multi-benefits in mind. For example, to save you money. Not to mention, giving you full visibility over your operations. In addition to a quick return on your parking investment (of course).

Our quality materials ensure longevity. Again, just another example of how we can help you reach your sustainability goals. Further to this, it actually improves the overall sustainability of your entire parking asset. This means that you will spend less on repair costs and have lower maintenance costs over your solution’s lifespan.

Here are some examples of how our products help you manage your parking asset and save money… for true sustainable smart mobility.

FrogGate – our premium barrier arm as part of our Parking Access & Revenue Control System (PARCS). With a light-weight carbon fiber arm, this beauty of a solution will automatically reset with no human intervention. Yes, you heard that right. It is the worlds-first, patented to Frogparking technology, that automatically resets after impact. This means, following a reset, that FrogGate continues back on in its full operational state. With extremely low (to no) maintenance costs, FrogGate continues to ‘shake up the industry’ with its sustainable features. It is, without any doubt, the smartest, futuristic barrier gate the industry has seen.

Backed up by our FrogKiosk. Another beautiful design within our Parking Access & Revenue Control System (PARCS). FrogKiosk boasts both a cashless & ticketless solution to revenue collection within your parking asset. Say goodbye to high maintenance and operational costs. Say hello to a big green tick coming your way. Because our machines save you roughly 100 hours of maintenance per week, our data averages show an average of a 31% reduction to maintenance costs*.

Our focus is on assisting you to effectively utilize your parking asset. We are more than smart mobility at Frogparking. We want to help you achieve your organisational goals, make the drivers experience better and provide reliable solutions that stand the test of time.

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*Based off 2022 historical data provided by a variety of Frogparking sites