University of Southern California

Bi-directional FrogCounter units

Directional FrogSigns

FrogLPR cameras

FrogGate barrier arms

FrogKiosk payment terminals


Faster to find a park
since installation.*


Parking utilization
during peak times.*

Pay back period

(in days)


30% more revenue in first month of operation (vs 2023)

Hello to the University of Southern California (USC) – home to Frogparking’s full Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS).

USC is the oldest private university in California, founded in 1880. Spread over 15 acres, with six buildings and 1.25 million square feet to contend with, space to physically expand is at a premium. Not to mention over 45,000 students and 20,000 staff spread across the campuses.

Frogparking understands the challenges when it comes to transportation and the mobility of people. Likewise, how smart solutions are needed to ensure parking facilities are operating well. Frogparking were thrilled to design and deliver a custom-made parking management solution for USC.

Initially, USC had some traffic flow issues with two of their parking garages – McCarthy & Downey.

These garages had unique design features (including two points of entry but only one point of exit), with very specific aesthetic requirements to align to their brand. 

Our innovative design featured a customized bi-directional FrogCounter parking system. Further to this, we installed FrogSigns, as a wayfinding tactic for drivers.   

This smart parking system offer superior congestion-management outcomes, improved entry/exit times, reduced cruise times/carbon emissions and exceeded the operational requirements of the USC Transportation team. 

Secondly, USC were experiencing high maintenance costs associated with aging parking equipment.

Not only that, but their non-operational times were also skyrocketing due to equipment failures. Frogparking knew the answer to this challenge – it was to replace their aging parking equipment with our low-maintenance PARCS.

Our PARCS includes our patented FrogGate, with an automatic reset feature (thus limiting operational downtime). Our FrogKiosk, a highly versatile payment kiosk that accepts a huge range of payment options, all while remaining ticketless and sustainable. And our FrogLPR, which is unique as it has already anticipated impending privacy & data regulation changes, therefore, is a long-lasting solution for USC. All ‘wrapped up beautifully’ with world-class parking software. 

Thirdly, USC’s validation system was cumbersome.

Not only that, but it also required expensive thermal imprint devices to process tickets. As a result of the expense of these machines, there weren’t enough of them around to meet demand, therefore causing customer-service issues. 

Frogparking were thrilled to offer FrogValidate, our electronic parking validation system. In addition, it is designed for instant scalability. It essentially runs off users’ smart devices, turning them all into user-friendly validation methods. Not only does FrogValidate improve the entire customer experience, but it also reduces operational expenses as it is ticketless. Say hello to a big green tick towards USC’s overall sustainability goals. Not to mention a big green tick for parking revenue optimization. 

Lastly, USC initially were experiencing issues with being to accurately get a sense of their data.

For example, tracking occupancy, understanding peak times, and furthermore, how to use this parking data in a meaningful way. 

FrogHub, our data and analytics dashboard, was a match made in heaven for Frogparking & USC. We spent time with the USC Transportation team designing a dashboard that is fit-for-purpose. Further to this, a dashboard that aligned to USC’s operational goals & requirements. One of the beauties of FrogHub, is that it is so user-friendly that the team didn’t need to hire additional technical resource to gain valuable insights into their facilities.

*Based on 2023 historical data


“Frogparking continues to partner with USC to help streamline their operations. As a trusted partner, we continue to customize our solutions to fit the needs of the USC Transportation team.” – Shareena Sandbrook, CEO of Frogparking

We’ve been very happy with the product, installation process, and customer support teams from the very start. We’re looking forward to expanding the solution from our initial two-structure pilot phase into additional parking structures in the near future.


Associate Director of Transportation Team, University of Southern California