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Built to last

Proven rock-solid reliability for more than a decade. 

Installed in minutes

You can set your outdoor FrogSensor however you like – mount it, make it flush, or even recess it within the road for a seamless and discreet look


You can make it your own by easily teaming it up with third-party hardware for a fully customized solution. 


We’ve got you sorted with pinpoint accuracy to enhance revenue collection immediately. 

Solar powered

We use the safest lithium-iron phosphate rechargeable battery on the market for our outdoor sensors.

Remotely updated

We keep your system up to date effortlessly by updating the firmware remotely. Ultimately, you always have the latest and greatest software without lifting a finger.

Wireless Communication

Our sensors are always communicating with FrogHub, resulting in real-time data at your fingertips.

Trending now

Say goodbye to outdated technology and hello to the new era in innovation.

Introducing the world’s first FrogSensor, a parking sensor system that is guaranteed to transform your car parking facilities occupancy effectiveness.

Frogparking’s original solution, our world-first patented and lasting technology, has clearly proven its reliability in diverse environments and weather conditions. Additionally, you can set your outdoor FrogSensor however you like. For example, mount it, make it flush, or even recess it within the road for a seamless and discreet look. 

FrogSensors have unmatched levels of accuracy through multiple detection methods to offer the best parking sensor solution on the market. 

Our FrogSensor range has expanded rapidly to include sensors of many varieties. Resulting in a customized solution that allows us to provide you options that will work in any environment, under any lighting condition.

The data from the sensors is wirelessly transmitted to your FrogHub dashboard, for real-time data access. Consequently, this data will dramatically improve your understanding of your parking assets, occupancy rates, utilization and so much more. 

FrogSensor pairs beautifully with many other Frogparking parking guidance solutions. Similarly, can also be integrated with third-party hardware, making it one of the most flexible options on the market for managing your outdoor spaces. 

With a fifteen-year history, we know our products can stand the test of time.

Ultimately, you can count on loving our FrogSensors as much as we do.